Skincare Products I Can't Live Without

I have shared a ton of skincare and beauty products that I've tried out throughout the years, but today I am rounding up the skincare products I have repurchased so many times, I basically can't live without them.
What I Would Buy From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I love seeing people's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks because I don't shop at Nordstrom that often, but when I do I'm never disappointed. If I had money to spend, I would definitely spend it at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Here are my top picks from the sale!

One-Year Of My Own Two-Page Spread

A year ago my boss gave me this insane opportunity to create my own two-page spread in the publication that I work for. A little dumbfounded as to why an "assistant" was being given this task, I nodded with excitement and started planning what I wanted these pages to look like. With a recent shift in our department, the millennial generation wasn't being showcased. This generation is going through so many changes right now, some are graduating college, others are getting their first job, while others are starting a family. There's so much to discuss and with only two-pages I wanted to make the most out of it.

One-Year Of My Own Two-Page Spread
One-Year Of My Own Two-Page Spread
One-Year Of My Own Two-Page Spread
One-Year Of My Own Two-Page Spread

Romwe Try-On Haul

I love a good deal and even though companies like SheIn and Romwe don't always live up to the hype, I was pretty impressed with the amount of clothes that I got, for the price I got them at. I shared my SheIn haul a while back, but today I decided to shop on Romwe and it all started with a bathing suit.

I saw this bathing suit, or a similar one, on an Instagram post...somewhere...and I knew I had to have it. I don't need to go into details about how this is a very cheap website, you do risk not knowing the material or proper sizes when you order things and just like SheIn, I can't get different sizes in bathing suits. So even though I'm a small in tops and a medium in bottoms I had to order the same bathing suit twice. The bathing suits are only $12 though so ordering 2 of the same ones end up being the same price as a just a bathing suit at Target, so you do have to pick your battles. I got all of this for $160 and I was very happy with all of the pieces that I got.
Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

One day I went up to my boyfriend and simply said, "I want you to take me on a date but in our apartment. I don't care how or when you do it, I just want a nice date." Obviously he looked back at me and said, "What?" And proceeded to ask a bunch of other questions which I replied with, "Nope, I don't care just surprise me." And surprise me he did. He told me to be ready for a "first date" one day and planned everything else. He killed it, seriously. He moved our dinning room table near our window for a beautiful sunset view, he got some authentic Italian food (something I have been craving for months now) and two bottles of wine. He played some Disney music in the back and we both dressed up and acted as if this was a first date. It was amazing and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Which gave me the idea, date nights don't have to be complicated, especially during a pandemic. You can have beautiful date if you get a little creative.


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