Gifts For The College Student
Got a college student you need to shop for? I've got you covered. I wish Amazon was as big as it is now when I was in college because some of these things would have been so legit in my dorm. Please note that these items are great, if they're allowed. Some dorms don't allow it, but apartments are a different story. I would double check before purchasing, or at least get a gift receipt.

5 Inexpensive Ways To Treat Yourself

I am a firm believer in you should treat yourself. Every little victory should be celebrated. If they're not then what was a the point? Sometimes I just come home from a hard day of work and need to treat myself.. why???... because I sat through 8+ hours of bullshit and need to remind myself that I'm awesome. A misconception with treating yourself though is that people think this means drop thousands of dollars on a purse or pair of shoes... uh no. This simply means to do something for yourself. Here are some of my favorite and very inexpensive ways to treat yourself.

Gifts For The Techie
Looking for a gift for the tech-lover in your life? I've got you covered! With all the new game systems that have come out this past year, it's almost too much to choose from! Sharing some of my favorite finds down below.
2019 Cyber Monday Deals

Grab your coffee and fuzzy robes ladies and gents, because Cyber Monday starts tomorrow and I'm here to give you a run down of list of deals, sales and promos going on in cyberspace. Black Friday is fun, but I can't keep up with all the deals going on in one day especially when some deals aren't even promoted until Friday and it's too much for a blog post. However, I can share Cyber Monday deals with you on some of my favorite websites. Here's my list of Cyber Monday Deals for 2019!
How To Deal With Grief

Let me just stop you right there. You don't really "deal" with it. Sorry to spoil the ending of this article for you, but the truth is everyone is different and react differently to things. The truth is, grief is a very powerful emotion and there's not a three-step process to feel better. It's a lifelong feeling and all we can do is muddle along until it hurts a little less.

How To Deal With Grief
How To Deal With Grief


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