21 Little Facts About 21 Year Old Little Me.

// I can’t function without coffee in the morning.
2 // I do in fact tell my mother everything.
// I prefer Disney movies about animals vs. about humans.  My favorite Disney movie is The Fox & The Hound.
// I have eight piercings.  you'll never guess where!
// I am related to Audrey Hepburn- she is my cousin.
6 // My eyes change color.
// My celebrity crush is Taylor Lautner.
8 // I have always wanted a pet husky, with blue eyes, and his name will be Charlie after my favorite character in my favorite book.
9 // I like to fall asleep with my tv on but with it barely audible.
10 // I love handwritten notes, they are much more personal to me.
11 // I can’t focus unless there is music, or tv on.  Silence creeps me out and I am not able to focus.
12 // I make the best grilled cheese.
13 // I hate my handwriting.
14 // I was born before my parents got married.
15 // By my senior year of high school I was playing every position in soccer.
16 // My first car is my Mustang and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
17 // I have never broken or sprained anything, but I have had a concussion.
18 // I hate listening to the radio.
19 // I had braces for seven years.  yikes!
20 // My best friend became my best friend because she stole something from me in grade 7.
21 // My brother and I are not twins, but we tell people we are.


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