Meet Lumpy!

Just incase anyone is confused as to why I call myself ‘Crazy Hedgehog Lady,’ it’s simply because I have a pet hedgehog named Lumpy!  He is my baby!  He’s so cute and really loveable.  I’ve wanted one for so long and my best friend’s co-worker was giving a few away, and I got lucky with a baby boy.  I swear I have never taken such good care of something in my life before.  I am a fanatic about making sure Lumpy has food, water, and is always healthy.  No- his quills don’t hurt, but when he’s scared he might jump and that can freak people out sometimes.  I swear I am so used to it though because when he jumps I just giggle.  His eyesight is eyeful so he has to go off smell.  Once he’s familiar with a person he is just a little cuddle bug, mostly because all he does is sleep.  I love giving him baths because it’s so cute when he’s in the water.  He floats on his back, even though he hates it; and when he’s all done I just wrap him up in a towel to dry while he watches television with me.  For anyone who thinks they can handle the responsibility and is looking for a unique, very unique, type of pet- I highly recommend a hedgehog.  I loveeee my little Lumpster.


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