We Got A Dog

we got a dog
Everyone Meet Oliver!  He is a Siberian Husky and the love of my life.  The minute Omar and I went to go see him we knew instantly that this was going to be our new pup.  He was way more calm than his siblings but he wasn't scared to let us hold him.  He has two different colored eyes (one blue, one brown) and we thought he was the sweetest thing in the world.  The main reason we drove 2 hours to see this pup wasn't just the price (he was pretty cheap for a pure bred) but it wasn't because him and I shared something very special.

WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!  If that wasn't a sign that this dog needed to be in my life I don't know what is.  Oliver was born on February 3rd, 2016.  Needless to say, I am super excited for my.. I mean our.. next birthday.  Imagine the birthday party that I'm going to plan next year!  Omar found the dog online about two hours away from us and when we saw his birthday and his markings we wanted to see him.  I also loved his markings because the white fur above his eyes make it looks like he's angry.  There were so many great things that he was just the perfect pup for us.  Omar and I have always wanted a husky, it's our dream dog.

Fun facts about Oliver:
Name: Oliver
Nickname: Ollie
What mom calls me: Little Bean
Birthday: February 3, 2016
Age: 8 weeks
Breed: Pure Bred Siberian Husky
Eye Color: One blue, one brown
Birthplace: Fayetteville, NC
Currently living: Jacksonville, NC
Markings: Black & white fur with grey polka dots on my belly, white eyebrow markings, and a brown birth mark on my belly
Favorite food: Scrambled eggs
Favorite toy: Mono
Favorite hiding spot: Under the couch
Best friends: Lumpy, Smokey, and Roscoe from the dog park
Best place to pet me: On my belly
Weird facts about me: I don't like when mom showers because I can't see her, so I'll put my head on the edge of the bath tub or lay on the bath mat until she gets out. Oh, and I fall asleep with toys in my mouth like all the time
Likes: Eating grass, chewing on my bones, treats, going on walks, wrestling with dad, dog parks, socks, chewing on moms hair, toys, ice cubes, bubbles, playgrounds, naps
Dislikes: The crate, pee pads, the leash, when mom & dad are gone, carpets
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog
we got a dog

I am so in with this dog and I'm so happy Omar and I adopted him.

xoxo, Michele

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