Gift Guide For The Beauty Lover

Gift Guide For The Beauty Lover
I'm a sucker for a good holiday collection, but if you have a makeup lover you're shopping for this season then you should know the hottest collections out there right now.  Everything from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line to a high-end face mask make for a great gift this season!

One. Fenty Beauty //  Let's be real.. if Rihanna does something, then you can assume it's pretty much spectacular.  No exception for her new beauty line Fenty Beauty.  From the moment it was released I have heard nothing but good things about her products.  Even though her line is completely matte, even people with dry skin have raved about these products.  If you know the shade of foundation then I would definitely suggest this product, if not though any of the highlighters or sticks would be be a great gift!

Two. Anastasia Beverly Hills // I love this brand the the Sun Dipped Highlighter Palette is my favorite product on my vanity.  I have seen so many good reviews on the eye shadow palettes and I know my mom loves the eyebrow products.  Again if you know the shade for eyebrow products that's great, but an eye shadow palette is always a good way to go.

Three. Kylie Cosmetics //  As basic as this may be, I actually love the colors that Kylie Cosmetics offers as far as lipsticks, highlighters, and even eye shadows.  Some of my favorite collections are the Burgundy Palette, the Birthday Collection and even the Purple Palette.  She also comes out with new collections for the holiday and if you can get your hands on any of the limited edition products then you're lucky!

Four. Tarte // I couldn't just pick one item when it came to Tarte.  They have so many unique formulas as far as face products go, but what I really love is their eye shadow palettes and even their new blush palette that just came out.  Their skin care line such as their clay mask, under eye mask, and even their sprays have gotten such great reviews and anyone who knows makeup, knows it's important to keep their skin healthy underneath of it all.

Five. Mario Badescu //  These products became so wildly popular this past year, but there must be a reason for it.  They're also on the cheaper end as far as skin care goes.  The rose spray and the drying lotion are things I am dying to try!  Not to mention their products are totally Instagrammable.

Six. Jeffree Star // I will be totally honest when I say I don't care much for Jeffree Star.  However, he knows his stuff when it comes to makeup.  Although I think his products are on the pricier side, it would be a great gift to receive.  His skin frost get so many great reviews and I'm a sucker for a good highlight.  The Family Collection looks incredible and only the blue shade doesn't interest me.  Everything else though would get a lot of use!

Seven. Glam Glow //  I've been raving about Glam Glow for a couple years now.  Their mask are by far my favorite mask ever.  Which explains the pricing.  Even if you get a small bottle of Glam Glow it can be still be expensive, I won't lie, but I promise it is totally worth it.

Eight. Morphe //  I know this is another product that's been out for a while, but their eye shadow palettes are just waaaayyy too pretty not talk about them.  Every time I think that this is my favorite palette, they come up with a new collection that I'm even more obsessed with.

Nine. Violet Voss //  You guys may be sick of me recommending eye shadow palettes, but they're a really great gift to give someone who loves makeup.  It will get a lot of use and you don't have to worry about getting the wrong "shade" like when you shop for foundation and concealer.  This Youtuber I follow, Nicol Concillio, always has great things to say about Violet Voss and their eye shadow palettes.  I really like the Holy Grail palette and I even like Nicol's palette too!

Ten. Too Faced //  I go back and fourth with this brand, but I must say, right now they are killing it.  Even though people either love or hate their products, their packaging makes up for it.  I know that sounds odd, but if you have someone who loves makeup and taking pictures of makeup then these products are perfect.  For instance, if you have a blogger (like me!) or makeup artist friend then get them the Too Faced Peach Collection.  Some of these products are so pretty they'll want them for the pictures alone!

What other products do you think a beauty lover would want for Christmas?  Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

xoxo, Michele


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