Gifts For Him

Gifts For Him
I did this post last year too with some ideas on what to get the special guy in your life and now I'm doing it all over again!  Each year new products come out and it can be hard to think of how to top the year before, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!  Here are a few ideas I have in mind.

One. Favorite Sports Team //  You can always get him his favorite team jersey, but sometimes a nice sweater, Nike shoes, or even pajamas of their favorite sports team can be a really nice gift.

Two. Wireless Headphones // Maybe your guy goes to the gym or maybe they have a new iPhone.  Whatever the reason is, wireless headphones seem to be the way to go.  I think wireless Beats are nicer, but these air pods have gotten a lot of buzz lately.

Three. Custom Gamer Controller // I don't know about you guys, but Omar loves his Xbox.  Playing video games with his brothers is his favorite thing to do on his days off.  Show him that you really love him, but getting him his very own customized Xbox controller!

Four.  Dress Clothes // This sounds super odd, but dress shirts, suits, nice shoes, it's just not something guys typically spend money on unless they have to.  Think of it as a win-win, because now you get to pick out something you actually want to see him in!

Five. An Adventure // This probably sounds confusing, but when you think about it the things that guys like more than gifts is a good adventure.  Before Omar left for training I wanted to take him on a fun weekend getaway.  Not that Scranton is romantic by any means, but it was a fun trip that we both loved so much.  It can be so simple, but plan a trip versus material items.  They'll appreciate it more.

Of course, everyone's boyfriend/husband is different, so take into account what they really enjoy doing and show them that you can enjoy it with them!  Any other ideas?  Let me know by commenting down below.

xoxo, Michele


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