How To Make The Most Out Of A Long Road Trip

How To Make The Most Out Of A Long Road Trip
Now that the holidays are coming up, that means that people are going to be traveling a lot to see family.  Which means you might be going on a roadtrip sometime soon.  It doesn't matter if it's a five-hour trip or a cross-country road trip, but they are some of the most fun memories anyone can have.  How do you make the most of these trips though?  Aren't you just stuck in a cramped car for hours?  To be honest, yes you are!  You have to deal with directions and music and different people needing to use the bathroom at different times and so on.  However, if you've got the right group of people then a road trip can be fun for anyone!

Let's start with the music.  Everyone has different taste in music.  The best thing to do is let everyone have their share.  Make a playlist that has everyone's favorite music and just hit shuffle.  That way everyone will hear what they like at some point throughout the trip.  Of course, there's also headphones for you to listen to your own stuff.

Who is driving?  Make sure you guys agree on how long everyone has to drive for.  It's not fair if you drive three hours and everyone else only drives two hours.  Make a schedule and make it fair.  This also goes for gas.  How many times will you have to fill up?  How much should everyone put in?  Everyone needs to put in the same amount.  Don't try to skimp out even by a dollar.

Bring snacks!  There's nothing more annoying than having to stop because someone is hungry.  Then ten minutes later, someone else is hungry and so on.  Agree that you guys will stop a certain amount of times for food and in the until then eat the snacks that you brought.

Car charger.  In most cases, there are only one (sometimes more) car chargers.  Everyone should share. Usually, it's whoever has the maps up or the music playing should keep their phones plugged in.  The best thing to do is bring a portable charger.

Stay comfy.  Instead of fighting over the air conditioner just bring something to throw on.  A sweater or blanket is perfect.  Also a pillow!  That one person who brings a pillow is always the genius of the group.  I really love my Redskins Pillow Pet (HTTR BABY)!

Activities!  You have to keep yourself entertained somehow.  There are a lot of things that you can do to entertain yourself during the long hours.  Just make sure you bring things that you will actually enjoy and/or use.  There's only so much space in the car so make it count.  Bring your laptop to watch movies but definitely bring headphones.  Coloring books are always fun... in fact, books are fun!  Take pictures!  If you have a polaroid camera this would be a great time to use it.  Scrapbooking/journaling is also a ton of fun.  It's something that most people don't have the time to do but if you're stuck in a car for a while you probably will have time.  I personally love the Wreck This Journal, it's super fun.  If you have any homework you have to do, even though it's not fun, might as well get some done on the road.  Obviously, your phone is going to be your main source of entertainment too.  Snapchat the road trip to keep everyone else super jealous that they're not on one themselves!

How do you make the most out of a long road trip?

xoxo, Michele


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