25 Facts About 25 Year Old Me

25 Facts About 25 Year Old Me
Happy February to all and Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 25 and I'm only freaking out a little bit. It really does go to show that life goes by so quickly. I remember being eighteen like it was yesterday and here we are I'm half way to fifty! I wanted to share 25 facts about 25 year old me with you today!

1. I have only ever owned a 2000 Ford Mustang Convertible in white and black.
2. I have lived (3+ months) in three states; VA, NC, AZ.
3. I am the first person on my dad's side to recieve a Bachelor's Degree.
4. I will be living in New York before I turn thirty, even if I just pick up and move when I turn 29, I'm going to do it.
5. My dream is to work for a high-end fashion and lifestyle magazine one day.
6. Though I have a strong background in it, I hate advertising and marketing. I love production and design more than anything and hope to apply that to a future career someday.
7. I take my night time routine very seriously and hate when it gets altered in anyway.
8. I used to be a die-hard cat lady, but after living at home with the world's most annoying cats and adopting Oliver, I'm not sure I'll ever want a pet cat again.
9. I can eat Taco Bell 24/7. No shame in my taco game.
10. I started this blog in 2014, but made it public in the summer of 2015.
11. I can only use Carmex Chapstick because I have allergic reactions to other kinds.
12. Animaniacs is my favorite cartoon.
13. I would love to be a full-time professional blogger.
14. My hair is naturally dirty blonde, but it is currently platinum blonde + pink.
15. I drink iced coffee no matter the weather.
17. Rings are my favorite jewelry accessories.
18. I hate green gum.
19. I also have this weird dislike for belly buttons. They freak me out and make me very uncomfortable when people touch them.
20. I have beyond perfect vision, but I have to wear glasses with a low prescription in them because in my sophomore year of college I started to get really bad headaches when I would look at computer screens. There's a really long name to it, but the glasses help to align my eye muscles from going cross eyed.
21. Blair Waldorf is my spirit animal.
22. I still watch Mary-Kate and Ashley movies to this day.
23. I only like simple and basic colors when getting my nails done, such as white or French tip.
24. I've never been to Europe- someone take me.
25. I have been a vegetarian for 11 years!

xoxo, Michele


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