Links I Love

Links I Love
Happy February everyone! Was it just me or did January go by so slowly? I'm planning for an epic New York weekend next weekend with my friends celebrate mine and Rocio's 25th birthdays. In the mean time, I have seen a ton of new stories or cute products that I have bookmarked. Check them out down below!

One. Nickelodeon's VHS Cassette Tape Eyeshadow Palette. Wow, say that three times fast. This eyeshadow palette brought to you by Hot Topic is every 90's beauty guru's dream come true. Unfortunately, it's been sold out, but once it comes back in stock you can bet I'm grabbing one!

Two. Animaniacs is back! My favorite childhood cartoon is on Hulu and if I don't respond to your text right away.. you know why.

Three. Latte served in an ice cream cone. Since I'm headed to New York next weekend, it only seems appropriate that I stop by this place. It's my two loves mixed into one.

Four. This post had me crying on the floor laughing. Seriously, I'm still obsessed with half these things!

Five. I seriously love otters. Send me a video of an otter any time, any day.

Six. Ryan Reynolds is Pikachu. Pikachu is Ryan Reynolds. This will be EPIC!

Seven. I am living for this Kardashian and Calvin Klein collaboration. Say what you want about this family, but these girls are ridiculously gorgeous. This campaign is perfection.

Eight. Omar bought me this book the other day and I can't put it down. It's my aesthetic in 300+ pages.

Nine. Barbie x Miss Guided. I want two of everything please! This collab is making my 90's dream come true. Seriously, anyone still shopping for my birthday gift you can get me this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this.

Ten. Cosmo picked the perfect duo to star on their February cover. I have the biggest girl crush on both of them!

xoxo, Michele


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