August Favorites

August Favorites
How is it already the end of August? I swear I was just in D.C. celebrating New Years with my girls and now I'm planning out fall blog post. It's just crazy how fast time goes by. I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite items from this month though. I have just bought/tried/or seen some really unique things and I wanted to share them all with you in one simple post! Enjoy!

1. I found these Levi Jeans in the Levi store in New York for only $15 and they are by far my favvvorite pair of jeans ever!

2. I love The Bold Type. Sutton is my absolute favorite person ever. Everyone should strive to be a Sutton!

3. I’m a little late, but lately I have had ‘I Like It’ by Cardi B on repeat.

4. The Pint Shop has been one of my favorites since before my last NYC trip. I started following them on Instagram and knew that I wanted to have a photoshoot there. Lexi did an amazing job at capturing not only my current favorite romper, but also just the fun exhibits in this pop-up shop!

5. I will never have a bad thing to say about the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray. It’s become a staple in not only my makeup routine, but my everyday beauty routine as well.

6. Omar and I finally got a new dining room table and I love it! We’re still trying to find a way to fit in in our apartment, but it is nice to have somewhere to sit and eat now.

7. My recent obsession has been ankle bracelets, especially these simple gold ones from Forever 21.

8. Who doesn’t love ice cream? This new limited edition S’mores flavor by Ben & Jerry is sooo good. You must try it before it goes away.

9. Another New York find was the Huda Beauty Muave Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. These colors are just… WOW. It doesn’t matter the look, I can pair it with this eyeshadow.

10. During Amazon Prime Day Omar got me the Essy Eyelash Serum. I love it and I have seen (and received compliments) serious results. 

11. I was on the hunt for the Cosmopolitan September 2018 Nina Dobrev Cover and I finally found it. I love Cosmo and to have one of my favorite girls on the cover is just a bonus!

12. I never watched Teen Mom consistently, but sometimes I’ll get hooked a on a season and catch up. That’s what happened this season for Teen Mom 2. Yes, I love the drama between Kailyn and Briana, but what I really love is watching Chelsea. Her and Cole are the most adorable thing on this planet and as a female, I am just so incredibly proud and happy for her. That may seem super weird since I have no idea who she is, but if her and Cole had their own spin-off show I would totally watch it!

What are some of your favorites for the month of August? Let me know!
xoxo, Michele


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