Gifts For Your BFF

Gifts For Your BFF
I have a love hate shopping relationship when buying gifts for my best friend. She's the most pickiest person in the world and makes me second guess everything I pick up for her (which is the part I hate), but when I do find that perfect item that I know she will love I get overly excited and anxious to see the look on her face (which is the part I love) because I knew I just blew her out of the water. That's the thing though, you know your best friend so well that you know what she'll love. Rocio was a big inspiration when writing this post and if your bff is anything like Ro, you'll love this gift guide.

Makeup // This can be a great gift for your bff because there's so many different makeup collections out there but sometimes you just don't want to spend that money on yourself. So be a pal and pick up your besite that eye shadow palette she's been eyeing.

A Throwback // This is always a great add-on gift for your friends. Especially if you guys go waaay back. Rocio and I have been friends since middle school (2004 era) so making her a mix CD or even adding an old school Kardashian or Laguna Beach DVD would be a hilarious add-on present.

Shoes // You could get anyone a pair of shoes for Christmas, but it means more knowing your bestie has been looking at your Pinterest board and saw you saved those pair of thigh-high boots.

Games // We love game nights at our place. Especially when we have a big group of friends. Having different versions of monopoly, code names and even some throwback games like Dream Phone would be so much fun playing with your friends.

I hope these give you some ideas on what to get your friends this season. Let me know down below any other ideas you may have!

xoxo, Michele


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