Current Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

Current Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

I have been really into investing into quality eye shadow palettes lately. I used to not understand how an eye shadow palette could cost more than $10, but as I started to get more into makeup I realized that not all drug store brands work as well as they say they do in the commercials. Some palettes aren't as pigmented as I would like or there is a lot of fall out and half the eye shadow ends up on my face versus on my eyes. Once I started to invest in palettes that not only get great reviews, but I like more than 70% of the colors in the palette, I realized how different my makeup looks would come together and I loved them!

As of lately there have been a handful of palettes that use the most and I wanted to share them with you today. As you can see, these palettes get a lot of use and for the past few months I have created so many different looks using these unique colors.

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette
This palette has been a staple in my routine. It's great for neutrals and transition shades, but it also creates some spectacular looks when you need a great day to night look.

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette
I got this palette in New York last year and I have used and abused this palette, let me tell you. I've noticed that I gravitate towards the pink shades in a palette, but this 6-quad eye shadow container is so pigmented, I don't think this will ever run out. I barely tap my brush on-to it and it grabs so much color. This is my favorite eye shadow to use on a night out.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Bling Boss Eyeshadow Palette
This is a new palette to my collection, but it's gorgeous! I always hesitate before creating a look, because I never know what colors I want to use. I wish I could use them all at once they are that pretty.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette
This was a surprise in my stocking this year for Christmas. I have never owned an Urban Decay Naked Palette before, even though I know they're a staple in most makeup cases. I used it the next day and was stunned. There's little to no fall-out, it's pigmented and the shadows are creamy. They just glide on so easily and they blend out so nicely. The Naked 3 Palette is perfect for me, but I would suggest finding the one that works for you!

Current Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes
Current Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes
Current Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes
Current Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes
Current Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

What are some of your favorite eye shadow palettes? Let me know by commenting down below!

xoxo, Michele


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