Links I Love

Links I Love
As January comes to an end, I'll be getting ready for the Super Bowl and my birthday! That's right, my birthday falls on Super Bowl Sunday this year. I plan on going to a brunch earlier that day so everyone can watch the game later that night- I know I'm a really good friend and daughter. Have a great weekend everyone and here's a list of Links I Love!

I love Lisa Kudrow. I've watched a few videos/clips of her giving some sort of speech and she just speaks so eloquently. I really like this video in particular, it's extremely motivating.

Pokemon cookies are a thing and I've seen them in real life (pictured above).

If you haven't heard, Criminal Minds is coming to an end. I'm not entirely shocked by this (BRING BACK HOTCH), but it's still sad nonetheless. However, Mindhunters is coming back with a Season 2 on Netflix so I'll have something to fill that "creepy criminal mind" type of show void.

Taco Bell is the best. Seriously, it's my favorite food establishment. The whole menu can be catered to a vegetarian, but they're coming out with an entire vegetarian menu anyways and I love them even more for that.

This Disney commercial pulls at my heart string. It makes me so happy and sad all at the same time.

Speaking of Disney, this couple had a Disney themed wedding by putting every center piece as a different Disney movie. The topping on the cake is the cutest in my opinion.

This article is completely true, Anastasia is the greatest animated film ever!

Ariana Grande keeps killing it. Her new single, 7 Rings, gave me the perfect inspo for my birthday theme this year.

xoxo, Michele


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