5 Apps You Need To Download

5 Apps You Need To Download
I remember when "apps" were really starting to pop out everywhere. Everyone and everything had an app and let me just say I'm so glad that's over. It was exhausting trying to keep up with which app to use for what. I feel like the main core apps that are out there everyone has, which is great! At least it's not all confusing like it used to be. Just incase you don't have these, I highly suggest you download these 5 apps immediately.

5 Apps You Need To Download

1. Banking // This one is tailored to each individual person because we all have different banks, but you have to have your banks app. It's so convenient to just open up your app, pay bills, check statements, send money using Zelle and mobile deposit a checking. Whatever your bank is, go download their app now.

2. Amazon // This app is both a blessing and a curse. It is so tempting to hit that "buy with one click" button, but on the other side of it, it comes in handy for last minute gifts and things as needed. I mean.. it's Amazon.. there's not much else to say here.

3. Insurance // This goes hand-in-hand with your banks app, but so long the days of a paper car insurance card. Sure, it's great to leave in the glove department, but my Progressive app has come in handy when I can't find that piece of paper. So easy, I just have it on my phone and I'm able to pull up my insurance cards whenever I need them. If you can do the same thing with your health, dental, vet or any other insurances I suggest you do.

4. Dropbox // This might only apply if you're the one who "has all the pictures" in your family or friend group. I'm that person, so this app is super vital to my life. Whenever here's an event or party, I'll collect all the photos and put them into a Dropbox album and send the folder link out to everyone. It's much easier sharing files this way and the other person doesn't even need the app (though I highly suggest everyone does download it) in order to view and save photos. If you use my link to signup for Dropbox you can actually get an additional 500mb of space! Sign up by clicking the link here.

5. Venmo or Cash App (or both) // I think besides from sending money through Zelle, Venmo and the Cash App are two of the most trusted ways to send and receive money. No more awkward asking to split the check or trying to do math on the side, just have your buddies Venmo you their part. Venmo also works with Uber so you can actually split the check directly from one's Venmo accounts and I know that the Cash App gives you some great discounts at stores and restaurants. Download one or the other or both, it'll come in handy.

These are some of the apps that I find myself frequently using and highly suggest everyone go download now. I also shared "Apps I Use to get Cash Back" which you can view by clicking the link here. What are some of your most used apps?

xoxo, Michele

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