6 Lessons I Learned In 2019

6 Lessons I Learned In 2019

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I know that the next few days are all about reflection and what our goals are for the new year, but the truth is you can't have new goals if you haven't learned from your past mistakes. Everyone has learned a life lesson or two this year and today I'm sharing six with you.

6 Lessons I Learned In 2019

1. Self care is not just a bath– it's a mental state, you have to truly know yourself and listen to your body when it tells you it needs something.
2. You have food at home– girl, you just spent $200 on groceries, go cook that asparagus before it goes to waste.
3. You'll have more than just your monthly bills– medical, car, pet... these are bills that aren't regular monthly payments. they will pop up at any time and you need to be ready for them.
4. It's okay to walk away– this goes hand it hand with the self care thing. something I wish I took advantage of more in the beginning of the year is to just walk away and take a deep breath. saying something you'll regret is a whole lot worse then just taking five minutes to yourself.
5. Say Less– again, this goes with #4. I'm a talker what can I say? but I'll never say something behind your back that I won't say to your face, but at the end of the day who am I to say anything at all? shut your mouth sometimes Michele.
6. You can always go back home–do I need to say more? your parents are your safe haven and when you feel you've lost yourself it's okay to go back to where you feel the most comfortable.

xoxo, Michele

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