June Recap

June Recap

Guys, I'm not even going to lie. I did not keep track of June. There was so much that happened that I don't even know where to begin. I wasn't keeping track of my favorite websites, or favorites, and the only reason I have so many purchases is because most of my purchases was on Amazon, so. There's not much else to say, I think just about everyone feels mentally drained from all that happened in June, but maybe drained in a good way. The way where you pushed yourself to learn, to grow, to be a better person and now maybe you just need a self-care day. You're not alone, I'm right there with you.

Highs & Lows
Highs: I'm feeling inspired. Though this burst of inspiration and productivity came at the end of the month, it's still there. I'm just looking forward to everything that's coming up in the nearby future!

Lows: To completely counteract what I just said, the not-so-far-off future has also been on my mind lately. 2020 has become a stalemate year for a lot of us and even though I've loved working remotely I feel as though I'm just staying put versus moving forward. Does anyone else feel like that?


Books // I have been plowing through books this month. I'm almost done with the entire Gossip Girl series and plan on reading two more books before my trip to California.

Travels // I'm so happy that things are starting to open up and I have some upcoming travels in the next month or so that I'm really looking forward to. Just planning something a trip has put a smile on my face.

This Works // I love this line! Seriously I haven't met a single product I don't like. I currently have the Sleep Together Calming Spray, Evening Detox Spray-Exfoliant and Deep Sleep Body Cocoon. If you're looking for gift for me, check out this store.

HBO Max // I'm just happy to have a place to watch "Friends" again.

13 Reason Why // I'm not going to go on and saw this is the best written show of all time or that all the storylines make sense...they don't. But Justin Foley, I mean... COME ON. 😭😭 Hit us where it hurts why don't ya.

Links I Love

Designer DIY // I finally made a TikTok account, but not to create anything, just to follow another line of content my favorite influencers have. I came across this specific DIY that I thought was really cool and something I might try.
Meme // This is me in a meme.

My Interview with Amanda Carpenter // I shared my June interview for my job a few weeks ago, but I have to re-share. Amanda shared some of the racial injustices that are happening in the foster care system. Her interview is just as important today as it was when I first interviewed her. I highly recommend checking out Amanda's blog as she shares her experiences being a foster parent. 

Resources // With everything that happened in June, it's important to constantly educate yourself. I shared some resources, articles and places to donate for the Black Lives Matter Movement for my job, I highly suggest checking it out by clicking the link here.


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xoxo, Michele

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