My Work

My Work

Along with building my brand, I have learned quite a lot working with photographers, editors and other bloggers. A mentor once asked me what it was that I love most about magazines and my answer was "everything." I loved every part of creating a magazine. I love to write and edit, I love styling a photoshoot and learning how to edit a photo properly, I love design and deciding where pieces of an article belong.. I simply loved it all. I want to touch every page before it hits the printer and I've slowly but surely started to build my portfolio, learning all there is to know, about magazines and editorial production. Most of my online work is linked down below. I'd love to work with you to bring your work to life too. If you are interested in working together or to set up an interview please feel free to contact me at

The War Cry (2019-Current)

"Fight For Good Podcast"
Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3

"Balancing it All" with YouTuber Kenzie Elizabeth | "Getting Real" with Stephanie May Wilson

Top 5 Apps for Students | Top 6 Podcasts for Millennials

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August 2019 Center Spread | September 2019 Center Spread | October 2019 Center Spread

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