Life Lately.

Arizona, USA
I decided to start a new segment on here because sometimes life can get kind of crazy.  There's not really a chance to talk about every minor things that has been going on but when it's all put together nicely, it can help you see how chaotic life can get.  There is a bigger reason for my lack of posting lately though.

After having my car shipped out here, someone hit me, totaled my car, and sent me to the hospital.  It was honestly the most terrifying thing that I have ever been through.  It has caused a lot of stress, but my mom keeps reminding me that I am lucky to be alive.  The whole situation makes me break down in tears still even to this day, but it's true.  I was discharged from the hospital that same day, stitched up, and walked away with some bruises and a black eye.  It wasn't pretty, and it hurts me so bad that my car gone forever, but everything happens for a reason, good and bad.  It's been an awful experience, but I will learn from it, because as Mama Katz keeps reminding me, I am lucky to be alive and that is all that matters.

I haven't let this awful experience stop me from enjoying Arizona though.  I've eaten at so many different restaurants, played with the Gopro, and gone out every weekend to do something new and fun.  It's been a blast!

TopGolf was especially fun because I had never been before, they had bomb food and drinks, and I won quite a few games too!  We also went to the shooting range, it was super fun and I rocked the black eye.  I looked liked an overall badass!

I had my first day at the office.  Which I am obsessed with the interior of the entire place, it's amazing!

I also went home for a four day weekend to deal with insurance issues, see my family, and of course all of my friends.

Lumpy has loved it out here too!

Overall, Arizona has been good besides the car crash.  I'm excited though to see what else is to come.


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