Pinterest Makeover!

If it's one thing that I have learned while working at Bloguettes this summer it's that you can rebrand yourself anytime you want, as many times as you want.  It's okay to play around with different styles, fonts, colors, etc to make what your want your brand to be perfection.  I took the time to sit down and clean out my Pinterest account and give it a whole new look.  It was actually nice to clear out some old post, because lets just say when I first joined Pinterest I was pinning everything!  I can't believe some of the other things I was saving... just .. why?  So now, it's got a mature look to it, including a section for my blog post.

Animals // I've got the cutest pictures of the cutest animals!  Everything from wild life to bengal kittens.  It's the perfect board to look through when you need a smile!

Apartment Décor // These post are of items that I would love to decorate my apartment with.  Picture frames, rugs, mirrors, even boring stuff like toilet paper holders are all bundled together here.

Apartment Ideas // This board is dedicated different ways to style the apartment.  Different ways the living room can be set up, different counter tops, etc.

Beauty // Hairstyles, hair colors, make up, etc.  This board has head to toe beauty tips to keep you feeling fabulous 24/7!

Blog & Design // This is one of my favorite boards.  It combines everything I love in one little spot.  Fonts to download, design concepts, and blog prompts.  It's a great inspirational board.

Business // This board is the best board if you have a big interview coming up or need to spice up your resume, this is the board for you.

Christmas List // If you're wondering whats been on my radar this is it.  Everything that is on my shopping list!

Closet // This board is my dream closet. Things that I need to add to my closet ASAP!  My personal style all put into one place!  Do we have similar taste?

Crafts // These nifty DIYS are something I am looking forward too!   I am not the most artistic person so I can't wait to try these easy crafts on a rainy weekend.

Education // Got a big exam?  Going to college?  Organization help?  Did you know where you could get a student discount!? This board has all of your answers!

Favorite Celebrities // My fave celebs!  I'm really picky when it comes to people who I idolize and these guys made the cut!

Future // You're just nuts if you don't have a board like this.  I've never been the type of person to think about my dream wedding but this board changes all of that!

Greek // GO GREEK!  The Greek life is a wonderful thing and this board has a bunch of To-Dos for when you're planning.

Helpful // These helpful tips are just things to keep in mind.  If you need a discount, a good book, etc.  This board is a a very useful tool.

Home // A step up from the apartment, this board shows you exactly what my dream house would look like on the inside and out.

Inspiration // Workouts, healthy bodies, and yoga.  If you need some motivation this is the board to kick you in the butt and start working out.

Instagramable // Those pictures that are too perfect on Instagram.  Need some ideas on how to show off your OOTD or scenery?  Check this board out for some inspiration.

Magazine // My dream job would be to work with magazine layouts.  This board is everything and more if you share that dream.

My Life // All of my blogpost and other things I am involved in all put in this one board!

Photography // Doing a photo shoot soon and need some new poses?  Check out the photography board!

Recipes // It's Friday night and you're cooking dinner for you and your friends.  Try something new out of this board!

Scrapbook // All the inspirational quotes and artwork you can image!  My Scrapbook album is one of my favorites because it's exploding with creativity!

Tattoos & Piercings // I am a picky person when it comes to these, but simple and meaningful are so tasteful to me.

Things I Love // This board is perfect if you need a good laugh or a walk down memory lane!

Let me know what you think!  Show me your rebranding!


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