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Something that has become very popular over the past couple years have been online newsletter subscriptions.  You can subscribe to your favorite bloggers, celebrities, newspapers, magazines, website.. and so much more.  It's as simple as entering your e-mail and every so often you'll get an email keeping you up to date with the latest information.  I am subscribed to a handful of different newsletters and today I'm going to share my all-time favorites with you!

Bloglovin' // I love the Bloglovin' website.  Especially since I can follow all of my bloggers in one convenient location and I can make boards kind of like on Pinterest and save blog post that inspire me or that I want to read later.  Bloglovin's newsletters share a variety of different topics.  Sometimes they'll talk about fashion and other times it's about travel.  They're never too lengthy and there's always a picture or two to capture your attention so it's never just filled with words.

Evelyn Henson // These e-mails are very bright & colorful!  When you open up these e-mails they're always so pretty.  There's also a variety of things within the e-mails.  Letting you know when there are new products in store or just letting you know about a new blog post, it's always a fun read!

The Skimm // I signed up for this newsletter a few years ago and I'm so glad that I did.  It's literally the newspaper for the girl on the go.  Most of the time you can find out about world issues on Twitter.  Except you don't always get the full story.  The Skimm is perfect to catch up on what's going on around the world in short paragraphs right in your email.  Plus, there's this sarcastic undertone when telling the stories it instantly captures my interest.

Kourtney Kardashian // I love Kourtney.  She is my favorite Kardashian and the recipes that she puts up on her blog are amazing.  Seriously, avocado and honey smoothie... oh my YUM! 

The College Prepster // Even though this is just an update of TCP's blog post it's so awesome to get a notification to my e-mail that there's a new blog post to catch up on!  If you like her blog, but forget to keep up with it, just subscribe to her and you'll get a notification every time she post something new.

Bloguettes // Obviously I have a favoritism to this company, but their newsletters are to die for!  Not only are they pleasing to the eye with the gorgeous colors and bright edited pictures, but the information is always so new to me.  Whether they're keeping you up to date with new social media tricks or letting you know about an upcoming webinar they're hosting, you will always be informed with the latest and greatest news.

Studio DIY //  They don't blow up your e-mail unlike other subscriptions, but when they do send something you can expect it to want to hit up the local craft store!

Lauren James // This clothing store is super cute and  I want one of everything that they sell!  I actually just really love the way these newsletters are designed.  A+ to their graphic designer because I love opening these e-mails as soon as I get them!

Teen Vogue // Obviously I have to have my all time favorite magazine in my inbox.  Teen Vogue sends out everything about the latest celebrity gossip, tips for dealing with stress, and fashion inspo!

Finally, my absolute favorite newsletter subscription is mine of course!  You can subscribe to Féline By Katsaris newsletter by entering your e-mail right there to the right! ------>  You see it!?

xoxo, Michele

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