Easy Halloween Treat

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Easy Halloween Treat

This will be my last Halloween post for the year, but I wanted to share a super fun and easy Halloween treat that can be made. Truth be told, you can make this any time of the year, but Halloween gives you the reason to make it a little bit more spooky. This is the treat that I made for our Halloween party and it's always a favorite. Now I'm sharing with you the recipe so you can make it yourself!

Easy Halloween Treat
Easy Halloween Treat
Easy Halloween Treat
Easy Halloween Treat
Easy Halloween Treat
Easy Halloween Treat


2 packs of Oreo's
4 packs of Oreo pudding
Milk (to make the pudding)
Cool Whip (optional)
Gummy worms & candy pumpkins (again, optional, but they add to the theme)


1. Follow the instructions on the pudding box to make the pudding, let sit until ready. You can mix Cool Whip in with the pudding to make it fluffier as well.
2. Take the first pack of Oreo's and separate the white center and the cookie part. Put the white filling into a separate microwavable bowl and put the cookie part into a plastic bag.
3. Take the second pack of Oreo's and place the Oreo's on the bottom of your container, you can keep them closed or open (completely optional). This will create a base for your dessert. I then took the center of the cookies and melted it (from step 2) and drizzled it all around the base. This step is completely optional, but it adds more to the dessert.
4. Put all of your pudding on top of the base.
5. Take the Oreo cookies that you put into a plastic bag and smash them! Keep smashing until they are in little crumbs.
6. Place the smashed Oreo's and layer it on top of the pudding. It should resemble "dirt" and cover the entire surface of the container.
7. Place the candy pumpkins and gummy worms as you'd like.
8. Take the remaining white center of the Oreo's, melt and drizzle over the top.
9. Enjoy!

This dessert (see another version of this recipe here) is so easy to make and there are so many different versions of it out there. You can really get creative when making this. My Aunt Kathy makes her own version of this called "dirt" and even though hers is way better than anything I've ever made, I still enjoy making my own version of it.

If you try this recipe at home make sure to tag me in the pictures so I can see your creation!

Happy Halloween!
xoxo, Michele


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