Gifts For Your Significant Other

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Gifts For Your Significant Other

I actually love shopping for my boyfriend. Okay, but let's be honest, I just love to shop. My favorite feeling is knowing that I found a really unique item that he's never heard of but I know he'll love. It does get a little tricky though, trying to get more creative and sneaky especially when you live with your significant other. But nonetheless, here are some of my favorite gifts that you can get your partner too!

Book A Trip // It doesn't matter how big or small the trip is, but if you take the time to plan something out and I mean plan it from point a to point b then you can make a really great memory. Putting a lot of effort into this can show how much you care for someone especially if you plan something they've always wanted to do or a place to go. Omar took me to NYC for New Year's Eve and it was the most amazing trip we've ever taken. The effort he put into planning the trip (and the fact that he wrapped up our hotel confirmation in a granola box just to tease me) made me love it even more. You can click here to get $40 off of AirBnB, click here to get $5 off an Uber ride and use the code UBTUE to get an extra 20 cents cash back on gas and groceries.

Subscription Boxes // To be honest, these make great gifts for just about anyone, because it's a gift that keeps on giving. There are really cool subscription boxes that you can get personalized boxes that show how well you know your partner. Beauty boxes, fashion boxesfood boxes, pet boxes and even 90's Nickelodeon subscription boxes. One that would be really great is Hello Fresh or Blue Apron- that way you two can use the subscription boxes together to cook dinner!

Classes // This ranges depending on what interest your partner has, but this is again something you can do together. Whether it be cooking or dancing or even art classes, make it something you know you both will enjoy together! Again, effort goes along way here.

All Their Favorites // Knowing someone really well means that you know all of their favorites. Favorite candy, favorite perfume/cologne, favorite underwear brand. You literally know what they love and what makes them happy. Put together a basket of all of their favorite things. Items that you know will bring a smile to their face!!

xoxo, Michele


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