March Favorites

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March Favorites

Another month, another list of favorites! I feel like I have a lot of adult things on this list and not physical items like I usually do, but nonetheless here are some things that I've been loving this past month!

Sam Edelman Loafers // I seriously can't stop wearing these shoes. I got these $200 designer loafers from DSW for $40. The only pair in my size too. It was fate!!! I wear them all the time; for work, on the weekends and even when I run errands. They're comfortable and chic. Seriously, 10/10 recommend. 

Soccer // Soccer is my first true love, let's be real. I've been playing since I could walk, but my friends and I are doing an adult league together and lately it's like I've fallen in love all over again. There has just been this new love for it and I've been having so much fun playing lately.

Jewelry // I recapped my monthly purchases from Amazon, but some of my favorite jewelry pieces of the month are from there and I have to share. This emerald cut ring, the gold star choker necklace and these gold star hoops have just added some quality to my collection. All three pieces cost less than $17 too!

Taxes // Wowww, what an adult thing to put in here. This was the firs time that I did my taxes all by myself (with my mom over the shoulder of course) and since I own my own LLC my taxes were a bit different this year, but once I completed them I got my refund really quick and it's perfect for what I have planned this summer.

Affiliate Programs // Again, this may be kind of a boring one, but to me it's exciting. I was accepted to some pretty high-end affiliate programs this month and I'm so pumped to share them with you all.

Toast + Bananas // Okay, I'm seriously lame this month, but this combo has been my go-to breakfast as of lately. Just some butter toast, my coffee and a banana has set the entire mood of the morning.

Desk Calendar // I mentioned this in my Decorate Your Work Space blog post, but I made this little easel desk calendar off Shutterfly and at my new job I have it sitting on my desk and I smile every time I see it.

Very Cavallari // I used ti dislike Kristin Cavallari because I was totally team LC. Then I read her book, "Balancing in Heels," and my mind was completely changed. Now, I'm obsessed with her. She is drop dead gorgeous and I totally respect this life she has built for herself and I have been binging Very Cavallari on E! Network.

Fab Fit Fun // I recently became a member of the Fab Fit Fun subscription box and I love it! It's the perfect little starter pack for each new season that arises. The items are so great and range from beauty to fashion to lifestyle. Part of the box is even customizable so you know you'll be happy with what you are getting. The seasonal subscription is $40, but if you sign up today by clicking on this link here and using the code GOTTAHAVEIT you'll get $10 off your first order! 

What are some of your favorite for the month of March? Let me know by commenting down below.

xoxo, Michele


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