DIY Your Own Nutcracker

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DIY Your Own Nutcracker

I try to share as much as my day-to-day life as possible on the blog, but sometimes it's just easier to follow me on Instagram to get real-time post. This post was highly requested because everyone loved the DIY Nutcrackers my family did during Thanksgiving break. I just wanted to share the Nutcrackers in larger pictures and link all of the supplies and the "how we did its" on the blog.

I originally got this idea from YouTuber, Sarahbelle, who says she got plain nutcrackers from Hobby Lobby and paints them herself. This gave me the idea for my family to do it during Thanksgiving break. We found these nutcrackers at Hobby Lobby for less than $6 each. Then, we all got our own supplies and "things" to go with the theme of our nutcrackers.

DIY Your Own Nutcracker

After we all created out nutcrackers, I put them on my Instagram stories for everyone to vote on which ones they like the best and that's when the messages came rolling in.

DIY Your Own Nutcracker

Nutcracker #1–My Mom's
The beach themed nutcracker was totally on brand for my mama. We actually spend Thanksgiving on the beach, so my mom collected tiny sea shells, a sea rock (is that what it's called) and printed a surfboard off of her computer. She even used blue painted sea shells  to created "waves" behind her little surfer dude. She also cut and painted his hair to give him that perfect "in the sun" look. As I was editing these photos I also realized that my mom put a little white paint on his nose to represent sun tan lotion... oh my god so cute.

DIY Your Own Nutcracker

Nutcracker #2–Ana's
Ana had a few themes saved that she shared with me. Since we were in competition I should have sabotaged her and told her to do my least favorite one, but I loved the peppermint theme! It just screams Christmas! She used real peppermint candies to accent her nutcracker and used red glitter glue to hold it all together!

DIY Your Own Nutcracker

Nutcracker #3–My Grandma's
My Grandma went for a much more classic theme, which my dad and brother loved. Also, I applaud her for using the black paint cause that was not easy to work with and poor thing got black paint all over her hands. She made it work though because her classic nutcracker came out amazing!

DIY Your Own Nutcracker

Nutcracker #4–Mine
I don't even know how I came up with this idea, because I am the least artistic person ever. Creative–yes, artistic–no. I found a paint at Hobby Lobby that matched the Tiffany Blue shade perfectly, then I saw these white bird feathers and I knew that I was going to be able to put this all together. I keep the Tiffany & Co. Christmas catalogs that come out ever year and I took two to cut up and mod podge a Tiffany collage all over. I used simple pipe cleaner tinsel for the silver glitter and clear glitter paint to give it that twinkle affect. The last thing that I loved was I found this little pack of Christmas trees, reindeers and snowman at the dollar store. I feel like the picture doesn't do it justice, but the tree matches the paint shade really well. Okay, I'm biased obviously, but I love how mine came out.

In order to make your own DIY nutcracker you'll need the following supplies:

Hot Glue Gun
Pipe Cleaner Tinsel
Mod Podge
Glitter Glue
Peppermint Candies
Sea Shells
Mini Christmas Trees

Lastly, you'll need some inspiration, I suggest Pinterest. If you make your own nutcracker be sure to tag me on social media so I can see (@michelekatsaris)!

xoxo, Michele

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