I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

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I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

The May issue of War Cry was a crazy one! I had a completed layout, but with everything going we we completely redid the magazine. It was crazy. With that, my May spread had to change too. I decided to do a schmorgesborg of influencers who contributed their thoughts, inspiration and ways they're staying connected during the quarantine. Click here to listen to the podcast featuring the millennial interviews.

*Disclaimer: To start off, I work at Salvation Army National Headquarters in the publications department. The magazine I work on is called War Cry. I will be doing a post later on about my job and what it's like working for a non-profit, but that post will be later on. I do feel I need to add a disclaimer here, I am not a religious person so when I took this job I did my research and made sure that my personal values and opinions weren't being compromised. I can proudly say they are not (don't let one idiot skew your opinion of the millions of people who work for a company) and I'm pretty proud of the work and accomplishments I've made while working here. I am the Assistant to the Editorial Director, but I do so much more than an assistant's work. My managers have really entrusted me with a lot of responsibility and anything I can do to enhance my skill set and build my portfolio I take the opportunity to do so. Though I am not a religious person, the people I do interview are and the questions recall faith-inspired answers.

As fast as they can text, millennials were sharing their concern and care for the world via social media. Influencers, celebrities, bloggers and podcasters came together to share one common message: stay inside and stay safe. War Cry talked to some influencers to see how they’re handling the quarantine, hear their words of encouragement and how they’re staying connected.

I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

“During this season, I have really been tapping into encouraging others. When I’m able to share a positive or word of comfort to others it lifts their spirits and that lifts mine as well. I share a lot of inspirational and encouraging words and artwork on my Instagram account!” – Jena Holliday

Jena Holiday: Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Studio / Website

I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

“I’ve been giving myself a break and just taking it one day at a time. When I need a mental break, I’ll put on a great rom-com and needlepoint just to take my mind off it all. I’ve also been avoiding the news for the most part and finding happy articles and videos online. I think too much sadness can really affect you. I’m trying to find the positives and a big one is being able to spend more time with my husband. We’ve been playing a lot of board games, watching a ton of movies and going for long walks together to break up the day.” – Krista Robertson

Krista Robertson: Blog / Instagram

I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

“I’m home with my one-year old baby and my husband, who is now works from home. My daily routine hasn’t changed much, because I run my own business from home and I’ve always carried hand sanitizer with me everywhere. Nevertheless, We are trying to keep safe by washing our hands regularly, keeping to the quarantine rules, reach out to family and friends via video and phone calls, and offering food, water and prayers to the elderly and the less privileged around us. In these trying times, our trust is in the Lord who made Heaven and Earth, my family and I are holding unto God’s word in Psalm 91:1-16, ‘To anyone reading this, stay home, stay safe and put your trust in God, for He never fails, neither will He forsake His people.’ We also meditate on verse 10 and 11 which says, ‘There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.’ To anyone reading this, stay home, stay safe and hold unto God’s word for He never fails, neither will He forsake His people.”  – Chisom Felix

Chisom Felix: Facebook / Instagram

I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

"This quarantine caught us all off guard, but it didn’t surprise God. He already saw the end–He wins. And if we are walking through this life with Him, then we win too. During these uncertain times, what gets me through is relying on what I know and what I know is that God loves us and is protecting His people. He told us in His word that fear is a lie, so I choose to operate in faith and not walk in fear through this pandemic.”  –Paige Taylor

Paige Taylor: Facebook / Instagram / Website

I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

Stephen and Ayesha Curry have been hosting virtual praise and worship on Instagram live. Follow Stephen Curry on Instagram @stephencurry30 and Home + Hallelujah @homeandhallelujah for more devotionals and inspiration.

I Wrote An Article: Staying Connected

Actress and singer, Katie Stevens, has been hosting Instagram live sessions, called “Hold the Phone,” as a way to stay connected during this time. “This time in quarantine should still be about connection and I want to connect with all of you!” Follow Katie on Instagram for more ways to stay connected.

For more information on how to protect yourself and stay informed visit cdc.gov

Credit: This story originally appeared on thewarcry.org

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