Rating 3 Thrift Stores In Falls Church

Falls Church, VA, USA
Rating 3 Thrift Stores In Falls Church
Now that I have moved out of Falls Church I want to share my ratings of three thrift stores in the area. I lived near some of the highest rated thrift stores, so I had to check it out to see if they matched up to the ratings.

Thrift Stores in Falls Church, Virginia.

Rating 3 Thrift Stores In Falls Church

Capital Caring Thrift Store
Address: 6172 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
Overall Rating: 3/10

The first thrift store we went to was Capital Caring Thrift Store. The Google review has 4.9/5 stars. It did not deserve this high of a rating.

  • Some cool older stuff, such as old magazines, phones, etc.
  • The most organized part of the store was the kitchen/glassware. There was a nice Washington Redskins Glass, but it was over priced because I bought the same exact cup at another thrift store for only $1.00.
  • Even though there was some cool antique things, those items were beyond over priced.
  • Clothes were not great brands or even great conditions. And the racks were too packed, I couldn't even move the hangers or pull anything out to look at the items. 
  • Men's clothes only had larges or smalls, there were no mediums.
  • Furniture was stacked on top of each other. I don't even know how someone could sort through it because it was all over the place. Tons of furniture outside too, but it had clearly been left out in poor weather conditions and it was too outdated. 

Rating 3 Thrift Stores In Falls Church

Goodwill on Arlington Blvd.
Address: 6136 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
Overall Rating: 6/10

The next thrift store we went to was the Goodwill up the street from our apartment. The Google review has 3.9/5 stars. When we first walked in, it wasn't too crowded, but because it was a holiday weekend, which means there were sales, it got busier later in the day.

  • Men's section was nice. They had great brands and organization. I ended up getting a sweater from the men's section and my boyfriend walked away with like four sweaters!
  • Great brands– I was pretty shocked to see a lot of great brands such as Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines and J.Crew.
  • Pricing– They didn't tag things individually, it was just all sweaters are $6 no matter the brand. Some of my boyfriend's sweaters could have been marked–should have been marked–for more than $6, but because it was a general pricing we lucked out.
  • Small isles– grab a basket, not a cart. Most of the time two people with carts couldn't even fit in one isle.
  • Home goods sections is not organized. It was just trash on top of trash, things were broken and lots of empty boxes. Through all of that too, the home goods were extremely over priced. A set of 4 basic wine glasses was over $10.
  • This is a con for me, maybe not a con for others, but it's organized by color. This is so overwhelming to me and I got tired of looking for my sizes.

Rating 3 Thrift Stores In Falls Church

Unique Thrift Store
Address: 2956 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042
Overall Rating: 4/10

I only bought one thing from this store and it was a true find. A classic gumball machine, brand new for $4. I'm shocked by the rating online though. Google reviews is a 3.9/5 stars and I just don't get it...

  • BIG! This place is massive.
  • Lots of brands. I looked through the jeans section and I saw everything from high-end to department stores. 
  • Prices are fair, not over-priced.
  • Although they have a lot of brands, things weren't in great condition. The clothes had stains and tears. Even if you did find a good brand, most likely there was a defect on it.
  • DUST EVERYWHERE! I wanted to shower after I left that place because it was so dirty.
  • They accept everything. I understand that thrift stores aren't boutiques or consignment shops, but there is still a limit of what is acceptable. I saw a candle that had completely been used and they were selling it for $2.99. Why would anyone spend $3 on a candle that has been used completely? There was trash everywhere. Empty boxes and broken things in the home sections. It was just a whole lot of junk. If you're lucky you'll find one maybe two solid things (like the gumball machine I found), but I don't think it's worth spending so much time in a place where you're sneezing every two seconds from the dust bunnies.

I love reviewing stores and products so you guys don't have to. If you enjoyed this type of post please comment down below!

xoxo, Michele

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