5 Things To Do From Home This Weekend

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5 Things To Do From Home This Weekend

Even though things are starting to open back up, there are still a lot of time and limit of people restrictions. So you may need some things to do this weekend that doesn't involve leaving the house.

5 Things To Do From Home This Weekend

Game Night
This is something that we do pretty much every weekend and it's always so much fun. We have about ten different version of monopoly (I wish I was exaggerating), card games and more! It's always so much fun and can make for a really great night.

Get Creative
This can range from journaling to a craft or a DIY project around the house. When I journal I set up my table with all of my markers, scissors and ink pad just to get in the creative headspace. The DIY picture frame takes a few hours to create and why not start on that shadow box of memories you've been collecting in a box. All of those Pinterest DIY's you have saved, you can finally do some of those!

Home Makeover
Something that I probably do every other weekend is reorganize our apartment (when you live in a tiny space, organization is key). Wether it's moving your couch to the other side of the room or heading to Home Goods for some cute wicker baskets to store things in. Most likely your home could use some organization and rearragning, so why not do it this weekend?

Photo Shoot
I love a good excuse for a good photo shoot and it can be difficult sometimes getting creative indoors. Research some new photography techniques you want to test out or rearrange the house so you can set up the perfect background. You can get a friend to help or you can set up a tripod, regardless you can always make something out of nothing.

Movie + Fort Night
I shared this idea for my "date night: quarantine edition" post, but it doesn't even need to be a "date." It can be something you do with friends or by yourself too. It's all about spending a little extra time to make something fun and cozy for your weekend indoors.

xoxo, Michele

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  1. We have a whole game collection as well. We love game nights at home & having friends over for game night too!

    1. Same! It’s always a go to for us! Thanks for reading ❤️❤️



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