Backpack Must-Haves

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Backpack Must-Haves

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Something I realized as I've gotten older is I still need a good quality backpack. It doesn't matter how old you are, you most likely have a go-to bag (I prefer backpacks because less to carry, duh). If you do have a go-to backpack, you need to make sure you always have these items on hand.

1. The Backpack–Everyone needs the backpack or bag of their dreams. Decide what items you will be carrying with you 24/7 and make sure the one you get is big enough and fits your everyday style (neutral tones is the way to go).

2. Laptop/iPad–Whatever tool you use to do your work. Make sure the bag you get can fit! If your MacBook is 15in, don't get a 15in backpack. Get something a little bigger because it won't fit believe it or not.

3. Agenda/Notebook–Another item that depends entirely on you. I don't go anywhere without my agenda because I'm a little old school and need to write things down sometimes.

4. ChargerPortable or a wall plug-in, doesn't matter. Just have a backup charger in your bag always. You'll thank me later.

5. Headphones–Whether you need to focus at the library or you're grabbing the last train back home, you'll need to tune out the access noise.

6. Pens–This goes hand in hand with your notebooks, but also it's just good to have something to write with on hand.

7. Glasses–Be it blue light glasses, sunglasses or prescription glasses you use all the time, I keep a backup pair in my bag at all times. Need new glasses? Use my EYE BUY DIRECT LINK & CODE and get $10 off: IFTCQF8XJQ

8. Beauty Bag–This sounds odd, but whether I'm traveling or just out all day, I always have a small beauty bag that contains the following items; hand sanitizer, essential oil roller ball, gum, chapstick, rose water spray, sanitizer wipesband aids, Advil, hair ties, perfume roller balltampons and makeup remover wipes.

xoxo, Michele

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