My Favorite Purchases During Quarantine

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My Favorite Purchases During Quarantine

I know I'm not the only one who might have over-spent on online shopping these past few months. I also never realized how much I miss walking around a mall or department store. The tragedy . Through quarantine I have purchased some great products and some not so great products, but today we are focusing on some of my favorite purchases during quarantine.

My Favorite Purchases During Quarantine

1. Albus the Hamster–Of course I had to start with the newest addition to our little family, Albus the hamster! I got him in the beginning of quarantine and he is the the best!

2. Books–Oh my gosh where to begin. I've been getting through the books lately and some of my favorite books I got the past couple months include "This Is Not A Fashion Story," "Imaginary Friend," and "Act Like A Lady."

3. Apartment Things–This is wide range of items, because we actually moved to a new apartment in the beginning of quarantine. So some of my favorite home decor items include the fireplace tv stand, custom neon light, Himalayan nightlight and a UV Sanitizer toothbrush holder.

4. Games & Puzzles–Just like everyone else, in the beginning of quarantine I dove head first into the games to pass the time. Animal Crossing is a must for anyone with a Nintendo Switch, I also love the Sims Expansion Packs and the Disney puzzles I got back in March was such a fun thing for my boyfriend and I to do together.

5. Fashion–Ooooooweeeeee. Where to begin with this category. I've picked up so many unique pieces throughout the past couple months, but I have no where to wear them! Staring with my 1993 gold pendant, white Hanes high-waisted undies + sports bras (used for tye-dye), the cow print bikini from Romwe gets a lot of compliments, tye-dyed Nike socks from my girl Alex (image above), Creative Director T-Shirt and the Flower Print Mallory Cowl Neck Slip Dress from Urban Outfitters!

Want to purchase tye-dye Nike socks, DM Alex on Instagram!

xoxo, Michele

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