My Quarantine In Snapshots Part Six

Washington, DC, USA
My Quarantine In Snapshots Part Six

This is going to be my last "quarantine in snapshots" because as things start to open back up it doesn't really make sense to show my "quarantine" life when I'm with friends and family. But I did love compiling all of these videos into one for me (and you) to look back on some day. So instead, I'm going to make it  a more seasonal or even-based thing. For instance, the next one I've started saving videos for is called "My Fall in Snapshots" šŸ‚. It has a nice ring to it and I'm sure as other things start to happen I will be able to compile all of those photos and videos from that time and share it in one central place.

I hope you've enjoyed this mini series and be sure to follow me on Instagram @michelekatsaris for more content!

xoxo, Michele

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