I Bought The FRIENDS Advent So You Don't Have To

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I Bought The FRIENDS Advent So You Don't Have To

I saw on Amazon that they were selling advent calendars but FRIENDS edition. I thought it was super cool, but for $20 it could wait until next year. Then I saw the same advent calendar at Marshall's for $15 and thought, why the hell not!

I Bought The FRIENDS Advent So You Don't Have To

So I bought this advent calendar for myself and posted it on Instagram and I got so many questions and comments about it. Next I started to post daily what little gifts I got for each day. Now, this wasn't a chocolate advent calendar, it's filled with memorabilia from FRIENDS and true fans will get the references. Here's the thing though, I was about halfway through when I realized that this advent calendar, in my honest opinion was not worth it. So I bought this advent calendar so you don't have to! *warning: spoilers ahead*

To purchase the FRIENDS 2020 Advent Calendar CLICK HERE.

Day one was a Christmas tree ornament of the iconic picture frame. Day two was a pin of Marcel the monkey which is also super cute! Then day three and day five I thought were more ornaments, but not as nice as the first ornament I got. Which I started to get a little annoyed because I felt like every odd day was just more paper ornaments, but then an old friend messaged me on Instagram and said they were gift tags because it said "to" and "from" on them! So, okay super cute! But I also didn't need so many so eh. 

Day four was sticker(s)? I only found one sticker in the pocket, but the next day one fell out so maybe that belonged on day four. One was "You're My Lobster" and the other said "PIVOT!" I love a good sticker!! Day six was very unique, it was a mini notepad with the city skyline. So I felt the poor paper surprises were behind us....eh guess again. 

Day seven were two paper recipe cards. Now this would be cool, except one of the recipes made me yell out an actual, "WHAT THE F#!$??" The first recipe card was Monica's Christmas Candy which I was all for. But the second one is Phoebe's Christmas Salad? WHAT!!?!?!?! Phoebe does not make a Christmas salad and the quote they used she was talking about a tree, not a salad! I just was so confused and when I posted on my Instagram no one could explain to me where this recipe came from. Some people did say they should have included Rachel's Trifle which would have made so much more sense!! But like, what? WHAT! WHAT!?!? I have so many questions about this one so if Lisa Kudrow or the writers Friends could DM me that would be great.

Day eight my frustration was very clear because it was more gift tags. Day nine was another ornament but it was a book ornament that told the story of the Holiday Armadillo. I thought that was pretty creative and by the time you're done with this advent calendar between all the ornaments and gift tags you can have your very own FRIENDS themed tree. Day 10 was a clever one.. they were book marks! With some of the best quotes and there were four of them. That was a new way to use paper, but it was still a paper product nonetheless. Day 11 was...YUP YOU GUESSED IT...MORE PAPER! A couple ornaments. And you can hear my disappointment in the videos #noshame.

Day 12 I had a bone to pick because to seal the envelopes they used glue dots but because it's paper they rip. So it's like, what if I want to reuse this? Because it's good quality, but because of the glue dots the envelopes rip. So that sucks. Anyways, day 12 was some photo cards with quotes on the back. Different, but still at the end of the day it was just more paper. Day 13 was a Central Perk sticker which I was super stoked about! I prefer stickers over paper any day.

Day 14 was another book ornament. I basically broke down a guide to all of the holiday episodes, a recipe and some quotes. This was creative for sure. But then Day 15 happened and yup....another gift tag. We can just bypass my annoyance here.

Day 16 was a pin with the name Regina Phalange on it. I think the pins are cool because you can put them on a bag or denim jacket and their unique so the pins get a 10/10 from me. Day 17 I got 4 blank cards with a cool watercolor and quote on the front of them. These are great if you need a card for a birthday or just a thank you card. 

Day 18 was by far my favorite item. I got a whole pack of watercolor stickers–way better than the round individual ones–because I can totally use these for my journal. My FAVORITE item out of this whole advent calendar if I'm being honest. 

Since I stayed the night at my moms house I had a few days to catch up on from this weekend and WOW. I thought I was displeased with this thing before but I was about to be blown away by the next few days and lack of creativity and plain laziness. Day 19 I thought we had a winner, but we did not. It was two pads of mini sticky notes. The kind you use to mark things on pages, and the first one had Joey's chair and said "It's A Moo Point." Okay, cute, great. The second one was a cup of coffee (not even a Central Perk mug) and the quote said "When Coffee Is Life." WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCE*UR*ER*EUYR*#Y!???? That's how BLOWN I was by this one. I cursed so much I was so mad. THIS ISN'T A SAYING OR A QUOTE AND the whole "is life" trend started WAYYYY after the show FREAKING ENDED! This one really made me irate. I would have rather received a gift tag then THIS STUPID ASS SAYING! Day 20 was more photo cards...which ok great more paper I can throw away in a month. And day 21... wow. These recipe cards really make you think because I got two recipes one being from Joey and one from Mr. Treeger. When do those two cook? When is Joey's burger or Treeger's nachos a thing? I just..make it about the show not just some random recipe and slap the characters names on it. It's disheartening to the fans honestly. 

Day 22 was another pin and we know how I feel about these. It was Monica's front door and it was a nice addition to my collection. Day 23 consisted of more stickers including the How You Doin' quote and again the coffee is life...I did not hide how stupid I thought this was in the video. 

Day 24 was another book ornament which consisted of all the holiday quotes or quotes about holidays that are said in the episodes. Truly the best way to describe these are "cute." And that's it.

Which leads us to day 25...the final day of this advent calendar. I'm glad they decided to end on a high note because if it was another gift tag I might have lost it. It was these 3D photo cards that are definitely high quality (not paper) and can be considered a collector's item for sure. I am happy with day 25 and how it ended but here are my final thoughts.

Was this worth the money?

NOOOOOO. It was definitely not worth the $15 I spent on Marshalls or $20 off of Amazon. I just feel like it was a lot of paper products that you end up throwing away in a couple months and half the quotes/products didn't even make sense. There were things that weren't said or done in the show and I don't think it's fair to just slap FRIENDS on it and try to make it work. It does not work and real friends spot that fake crap.

Would I buy it again?

If they come out with a 2021 version of this I will not be purchasing. I would wait to see if someone does their own review of it or maybe in a few years hoping there's an upgraded version, but no I will not be re-purchasing this.

But what if I want my own?

Advent calendars are so much fun! I grew up always having one as a kid and I even got my dog one this year (click here for the dog advent calendar review–spoiler alert: it's way better than this one). If you want to get the 2021 version (if they make one) for yourself go for it! Don't let my feelings impact the way you may feel about it. I just wanted to review the 2020 one for you guys just so you know what you're spending your money on!

To purchase the FRIENDS 2020 Advent Calendar CLICK HERE.

What are your thoughts on the FRIENDS Advent Calendar? Would you purchase it? Comment down below!

xoxo, Michele

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