March Recap

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March Recap

My March recap will be the last blog post for a while. But I did have a few links, purchases and favorites I wanted to share before I take a break from blogging for a bit.

March Recap

Highs & Lows: Grouping these together this month because I have a lot of exciting things happening...but until they happen I have to wait. So waiting is my low, but the highs are about to be so so good.


Between Two Ferns: The Movie // I watched this movie the other night and I was CRACKING UP. This movie is sooo good I can't suggest it enough.

Free Guy // Another movie I recently saw and was laughing the entire time. This movie is this generation's TRON and I stand by that.

My Skincare Routine // I have been loving my skincare routine and products lately and all of my favorite products are linked here.

How I Met Your Father // I gave this show a shot and I'm so glad I did. It does not measure up to Theo original (most remakes don't though) and just as I was about to give up the last two episodes really killed it for me. Definitely watch!

Josh Peck // Shout out to Josh Peck because he has been killing it lately! I fell in love with him in HIMYF, but the podcast episode and his book just came out. I love him.

Links I Love

TikToks // Olivia Rodrigo has such an amazing voice, A realistic stupid morning routine, Customizing my website back in the 2000s (this was my life), Pokémon in real life, Things that annoy me but probably shouldn't, Dwight on a latte (I'll take 100), The Official Pokémon TikTok account is my absolute favorite account ever, A realistic stupid evening routine, I hate these people on airplanes, What is it like being a 30 year old? Yup, this is accurate, This is a major red flag on a date, Lucky Charms latte recipe (this looks sooo good), Josh Peck uses the iconic Miranda Cosgrove TikTok audio, Josh Peck as a Betches employee, Everyone deserves a birth month"The Office" cast had to pretend they were really working a 9-5We were raised on colored ketchup—no wonder we're chaotic, I'm always tired...that's the statement, Glow in the dark stars in the dryer, I NEED this Pikachu cellphone charger, Phoebe and Phebo gender reveal #ICONIC, Camilia Mendes and Lili Reinhart made this TikTok and they killed it, This Pokémon TikTok is a total throwback, also Creed Bratton is on TikTok and that's all you need to know.

Animal TikToks // Husky puppy is giving me puppy fever, Why dogs are just as hard to take care of as kids part one and part two, What Pokémon are based on part one and part two, and this kitten watched "Aristocats,".

Reese's University // All I have to say is this marketing campaign was GENIUS. My dad and I enrolled and got accepted—no biggy 💁🏼‍♀️—and bought sweaters. SO CUTE!

Zendaya is a Vegetarian Who Hates Vegetables // I feel like that title explains it all, but to find out that I'm not alone in this vegetarian lifestyle feels amazing!


Gel Pens | Popcorn Seasoning | Key Fob Covers | Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask | Pokémon Eveeolutions Makeup Brushes

xoxo, Michele

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