Everything I Bought For My Trip To Forks, Washington

Forks, WA 98331, USA

Everything I Bought For My Trip To Forks, Washington

Do you ever read the title of an article and just start grinning from ear to ear? Because that is how I’m going to feel every time I write about my trip to Forks, WA.

I have been wanting to go to “Twilight” town for the longest time. But 1. Who would go with me? and 2. How random of a trip to go to Forks, Washington out of all places! But, my mom has to go on business trips, and every now and then I’ll tag along and we’ll make a weekend of it. Usually, it’s a bit “cooler” or more “popular” places like New York or California, but this time she has to go to Seattle, WA. And I didn’t even hesitate with my persistence and charm to convince her to let me go, make a long weekend out of it, and head to Forks after she’s done with her business trip.

I somehow convinced her—not that she needed much convincing because I am my mom's favorite travel buddy šŸ„°—and now we’re headed to Twilight!

Now the state of Washington is apparently under a near-constant cover of clouds and rain, so you know I had to be prepared with my fashion-packed carry-on to make the most of this iconic trip. Here is everything I purchased for this trip and I’m hoping that the outfits come out as good as they look in my mind šŸ˜….

Of course, I had—yes, HAD—to get some Twilight-themed t-shirts and for that, I went to Etsy. I found three shirts that I easily fell in love with and I know will go with my aesthetic for this trip.

Then, as I always do, I placed a huge order off SheIn. For every trip I take I always get a bunch of cheap trendy clothes so I can see if I even like the trend and want to invest in higher quality and more expensive pieces or if it’s not my vibe and I return it. So here’s everything I bought and I’ll update you later if I kept or returned it.

Solid Unitard Romper (Black, 4) 

Strap and Buckle Sandals (Black, 5) 

White Leopard Pajama Set (White, 8/10) 

Slogan Graphic T-Shirt (White, M) 

Y2K Inspired Graphic Denim Jeans (Light Wash, 4) 

High-Waisted Denim Shorts (Medium Wash, 4)

White Tennis Skirt (White, 4)

8pc Travel Storage Bag Set (Beige)

Brown Faux Leather Sandals (Brown, 6)

Colorblock Button Down T-Shirt (Orange/Pink, 4)

High-Waisted Denim Shorts (White, 4)

Drop Shoulder Cardigan & Cami Top Set (White, 4 and 6)

Travel Storage Bag (Beige)

5pc Rhinestone Earring Set

Floral Split A-Line Dress (Blue, S)

Blouse & Shirt Matching Set (Blue, 4)

Travel Toiletry Bag (Beige)

Mini Gold Hoop Earring Set

Tapered Denim Jeans (Light Wash, 4)

Radiate Positivity Graphic T-Shirt (Apricot, M)

Colorblock Button Down T-Shirt (Two-Tone Purple, 4)

Evil Eye Huggie Earrings

Sheer Button-Down Shirt (Beige, 4)

Mini Canvas Tote Crossbody Purse (Beige)

Initial “M” Gold Ring with Chain

White Linen Button-Down Shirt (White, 4)

Ripped Frayed Hem Mom Jeans (Dark Gray, 2)

Black Combat Boots (Black, 5)

Faux Pearl Drop Earrings

Floral Print Knot Shoulder Cami Top (Blue, 6)

High-Waisted Denim Shorts (Black, 4)

Aquarius Embroidered Bracelet

Waffle Knit Tassel Tube Top (Beige, 6)

1pc Travel Storage Bag (Beige)

High Waisted Ripped Straight Jeans (Black, 4)

Evil Eye Ring

The last thing I bought was actually a “Twilight” inspired item, just not a clothing item though. I saw these keychains on TikTok and knew I needed these in my life. I just needed a good reason to buy them. A trip to Forks sounds like a pretty good reason to me šŸ˜„. These tinted-colored keychains represent each movie from “The Twilight Saga” and I am obsessed. #IYKYK the color tints from these movies were iconic! I bought one of each from the movie collection and I can’t wait to use them in the place where “Twilight” was actually filmed.

Twilight Saga Keychains

I was so excited to head to Washington šŸŒ²šŸŒ§! Click here to read the in-depth blog post of my trip to Forks and be sure to follow me on Instagram @michelekatsaris and TikTok @michelekatsaris for real-time travel updates!

 xoxo, Michele

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