Upgrade Your Bath With These 5 Items

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Upgrade Your Bath With These 5 Items

My bath time is sacred. It’s my time to unwind, unplug and relax. And I have curated some of my favorite and most-trust bath time essentials. We all know that bubble baths, bath bombs, and bath salts are staples, but it’s the additional products you don’t think of that can truly elevate your bath experience for ultimate relaxation. 

Upgrade Your Bath With These 5 Items
Upgrade Your Bath With These 5 Items

Upgrade your bath with these affordable products that will help you feel like you’re spending the night at a personalized spa. If you’re in the market for a better bath time routine then keep reading 🛁.

Bath Caddy // This is an essential when taking a luxurious bath. It's a place to put your book, your iPad, your wine, and anything else you need to keep dry.

Bath Pillow // There's nothing worse than laying on the bathtub wall. Just buy the bath pillow.

Dried Flowers // Imagine stepping into a bath that has dried roses in it? FANCCCCYYY.

Candles // This may seem like an obvious one but invest in some boujee-looking candles. It will elevate your whole bath time.

Sky Light // I love my skylight! It creates a whole vibe in any room, but using a skylight in the bath is the ultimate vibe!

It’s time to treat yourself to a more luxurious bath with affordable products! 

xoxo, Michele


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