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Thrift For Your Home

I’ve shared a bit about my thrifting history and most importantly I’ve shared my epic thrift finds. But let’s start from the beginning for those who are new readers. I grew up always going to yard sales with my grandparents. It was always so fun to save up my allowance and see what I could find at yard sales on the weekends. And on certain occasions, I would go with my mom to The Salvation Army Thrift Stores or Goodwill. But it was never a staple in my line of shopping. I don’t really know why either? I had no judgment about it and loved the good deals and cool finds, it was like I just forgot about thrifting for a while. Though I still go to yard sales with my grandma, thrifting just never became “my thing.”

That was until my sister-in-law told me about a thrift store called Savers. I went with her one day and let me tell you—the shopping game was changed forever in my eyes. Savers is like one big yard sale. I’ve walked out with bags and bags, full carts, and spent more money than I could have imagined. But every time, it’s totally worth it.

Which leads me to my next point—now that I’m a thrift queen👸🏼, I know that you could furnish a home completely with thrift finds. Not saying you can do it all in one trip (unless you just have crazy good luck) but with a little patience and creativity, you can easily thrift just about anything for your home. You can build a staple of home pieces and decor from thrift stores. And to prove it to you I’m going to share the most common items I ALWAYS see at thrift stores and how you can utilize them in your home.

  1. Vases & Plant Potters

Never ever in your life again pay for a vase or plant pot. You can always find these at thrift stores and with a little bit of paint, you can totally make them match your aesthetic. 

  1. Mirrors

It doesn’t matter what type of mirror you’re looking for, you can probably find it at a thrift store. Round, square, small or large—they have it. Don’t like the frame? DIY a new one. You have to have a little bit of vision in order to make something old look new again.

  1. Drinkware

Look, I get it if you’re going for a 12pc Hermès dining set…okay you won’t find that at Goodwill. BUT, if you’re just starting out and you are flexible, you can always find drinkware at thrift stores. And most of the time things like glass cups (not coffee mugs or plastic cups) will be sold in sets of 4!

  1. Picture Frames

The Dollar Store can suck it with their cheap $1.25 picture frames! The thrift stores have sooooooooooo many picture frames available, it's insane. Seriously any size frame you need—they have.

  1. Dishware

Similar to the drinkware situation, you can find full sets of dishware at thrift stores still in great condition. Sometimes there are sets and sometimes they’re individually priced, but either way, if you have a general color scheme you’re going for—or just looking for a classic one-color set—you’ll be able to find it while thrifting.

  1. Baskets

I would go to a larger thrift store—like Savers—for more options, but I always find baskets at thrift stores. I can’t believe I would pay $20+ for a basket at Michaels or Hobby Lobby when I could get one for $3.99 at the thrift store!

  1. Books

Somehow books have become a decor item instead of something we read—who knew 😅—but you can find large coffee table books that fit “your vibe” at local thrift stores. Some people have even started buying hardcover books and painting them to match the color scheme of their homes. Definitely suggest checking out the book section at a thrift store before shopping at Barnes & Noble (unless you’re looking for a specific book of course). 

  1. Holiday Decor

This is definitely a very niche category but it’s one I want to talk about. Every year there are these “trendy” holiday decor items but when the season is over people don’t keep them and it goes to donations so they can get the next trendy item next year. You can find amazing holiday decor (any holiday doesn’t matter) at thrift stores. Especially if you’re lucky and have one of those Goodwills that partners with Targets to get their leftover goodies—score

  1. Storage Items

Another time I would suggest hitting up a bigger thrift store, but regardless you can find some great storage options at local thrift shops. Either those big plastic bins that cost $18 at Wal-Mart or even wooden side tables with drawers. You have to know what style you’re looking for versus color or aesthetic. Because you can make these storage items look however you want with a little paint. If you know what you’re looking for and have the skills to flip it, you should buy secondhand for sure!

  1. Lamps

THE NUMBER OF LAMPS I SEE AT THRIFT STORES! Oh my god, it’s insane. There are so many light fixtures, lamps, lampshades…you name it it’s probably at a thrift store.

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Those are probably the top 10 items I see at thrift stores every time I go—which is a lot 😝. I highly recommend thrifting for your home before you spend hundreds of dollars at Target. Plus it adds character and uniqueness to your space!

 xoxo, Michele

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