Items On My Amazon Wishlist

Washington, DC, USA

Items On My Amazon Wishlist

Thanks to TikTok I am now always *adding to cart 💸🛒.* And since I don’t want to go into debt just because I want to buy everything off Amazon I have saved things for later and only treat myself every now and then 😉.

And since I have some great “to buy later” options, I wanted to share them with you all too! Here’s everything that is currently on my Amazon Wishlist.

Rainbow Chandelier // I've been obsessed with this chandelier since I saw it on TikTok. I have no immediate use for it, I just know that I want it 😅.

Cigarette Lipsticks + Lip Ashtray // I realize now a lot of my wishlist items are home decor, and even though these are lipsticks, I would totally use this as a home decor piece. And I would pair it with this ceramic lip ashtray.

Tyler Diva Glamour Room Spray // I love anything from this brand, but these room sprays would be a great addition to my home!

Laptop Tent // This isn't a want, but a need. I work from home and live in Florida so I love working outside, but the sun overheats my laptop. I'm getting one of these asap!

Mickey Mouse Pocket Fan // This may seem silly, but I'm about to be an Annual Passholder at Disney so this will be a necessity during the summer. 

Mustard Bath Salt // This looks so luxurious! I would totally use this in my baths and I've heard it actually does work!

Sleeping Bulbasaur // No reason for me to want this except for the fact that it's so stinking cute.

NasalGuard Allergy Relief // As someone who has year-round allergies and takes Zyrtec every day—this would be a game changer. You put some by your nose and it helps to block any allergens. I definitely want to try it this spring!

Mini Dress // This dress is so cute! I want one in every color, but the brown and gold detailing is *chef's kiss* adorable!

Storm Trooper Decanter // I don't even drink whiskey and I want this decanter 😄. Fucking cool!

Smiley Face Shower Steamers // I love shower steamers—I literally use them every day. These ones are just cool and such a vibe.

Mykonos Coffee Table Book // I've seen these books everywhere, but I'm OBSESSED with the Mykonos one! It's so cute and I plan on going to Greece this year so I feel like it would just be a great gift to myself 😜.

You can shop all of these awesome products and more on my Amazon Storefront! Click here to shop my Amazon 🥰.

xoxo, Michele

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