Everyone has something that inspires them in one way or another.  It can be a person, an event, or even some sort of art work on the street.  That inspiration will eventually run out at some point, so when having a creative outlet, such as a blog, a person needs to have fresh ideas and constant inspiration.  When wrestling with what I want to write about there is always something that I see that sparks my interest.  These ideas can come from just about anything, but I decided to talk about the main things that get my imagination running.

Magazines // Magazines have always inspired me creatively.  I am still old school when it comes to print.  Especially since one day I want to work on a magazine.  I love flipping through the pages of magazines that I have lying around my room.  Between the fonts and colors, I am always tearing out pages that catch my eye.  It can be an advertisement, an article, or even the layout of the spread that makes me see new visions that I will later put my own twist to.  

Tumblr // I am addicted to tumblr.  I absolutely love the photographs that I can find on there.  It could be of a new restaurant, clothing line, a pose for a picture, a hair color; I am constantly finding something on that website that makes me want try new things out.  Besides the pictures, the text posts are something that I can always relate to.  I adore seeing people’s quotes or poetry on the website.  It's nice to know sometimes that I'm not the only person in the world that feels a certain way.  Tumblr is a huge and personal creative outlet for me.

Pinterest //  Pinterest interest are fascinating!  I am not usually one for the arts & crafts, but man when I get on this website, I want to be a stay at home mom who can cook clean and make crafty little things!  This website can suck you in with the fun ideas and it's kind of a nice escape from the world.  You can never just spend five minutes on pinterest.  I know for sure that some of my post will be about certain things that I saw on there and am trying out.

Other Blogs // This is probably one of my biggest inspirations because I am obsessed with looking through other blogs.  I will be on a blog for hours and not even realize it.  I can get kind of creepy too and start looking at their archives and going way back when to when they first started.  I just love seeing how other people design their websites and then looking at what they write about.  Is it fashion, their family, their religion- what is it that they are talking about that make their blogs so popular.  I definitely look up to popular blogs and what they are writing about because without this blog community none of us would be doing exactly what it is that we love.

YouTube // Much like my inspiration from blogs, I also get inspiration from my favorite youtube bloggers.  My biggest one has to be SarahBelle93x.  She is my age and going through all of the college stuff and life situations that I'm going through.  Of course I have my own friends going through it, but like I said before, it's nice to know that you're not the only one and that there's people all over the world going through some of the same things as you.  I could watch her videos for hours and she is always giving her viewers tips about situations or even simple stuff like where to shop!  I have other people that I like to watch on youtube and keeping a variety of people on there have given me a lot of new ideas for blog posts.

Instragram & Twitter // These two social media websites have a huge impact on my life.  Seeing as how I have my own accounts and get on them just about every day.  These two sites combine all of my inspirations together into one.  Twitter has text post and instagram has pictures; combining those two on a daily basis I am always liking something that someone else post.  It's those little likes that put a mental tab in my head telling me to remember this.  As simple as these two sites are, they make a huge impact on my daily life.

These are just a few of the daily things that give me a daily dose of inspiration.  If you guys want to give me more ideas, please feel free.  Where does your inspiration come from?

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