March 31, 2014

Incase anyone has forgotten I recently turned 21 back in February.  I know, I know, that's a huge age.  The only thing I really can't do these days is rent a car for a decent price.. but that's the least of my worries.  Working at a pool I tend to work with a lot of younger kids (highschoolers), who come to me with their problems and initially I try to guide and advise them the best to my ability.  I feel the reason that they come to me though is because I have been there.  I know exactly what they are going through because I was in their shoes not too long ago.  Now these kids are growing up and starting to go to college which - I've done too.  Now granted I am not done growing and I still won't admit that technically I am an adult, I know that there are some solid rules when it comes to growing up.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right.  I don't know the solution to every problem, but I do know that there are some golden rules in life that if you stick by them it will cut out a good portion of your stress through these awkward, tough, demanding, yet completely rewarding times.

March 27, 2014

I have told you all some of my most favorite things in this world, but I haven’t told you what I dislike.  There are very few things that get to me in this world, but there are still a few.  Pet peeves are something that I try not to let them interfere with my day or ruin my mood, but sometimes these things just get to me.  I'm sure everyone has a few and maybe we share the same.  Some of these are just small and silly, but a couple of these can really bring me down.

March 25, 2014

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  Just a couple days ago I announced to my family that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  "Sound great sweetie," is all they replied with.  They obviously didn't take me seriously, but they started to when I was whaling on a guitar at ten at night! HA!  My brother showed me the basics and told me to look up tabs, which is exactly what I did.  I watched YouTube tutorials and then my roommate showed me how to read actual music.  I have been playing nonstop the past few days and I feel like I'm getting the hang of it.  Apparently my brother told his girlfriend, who is also my friend, that I'm “doing really good for someone who is learning by myself,” (but I totally wasn't supposed to admit that he said that).  That really makes me happy though because I wasn't sure if I was getting the hang of it at all.  My next mission though is to tackle a song.  I am currently working on Buzzcut Season by Lorde.  If you haven't heard the song yet I highly recommend that you stop everything you are doing and listen to it.  It's a great song and the chords aren't too hard to learn.  I have found a new love in my life and that is playing guitar.  Hopefully I will be good enough one day to actually play a full song by memory!  Fingers crossed!

Incase anyone wants to try the song out:

March 20, 2014

I want to live in California not because "it's a super cool place."  I want to live in California because I want to learn how to surf, and continue the hobby in a place that is possible.  I want to live in California because I want to sit outside on my back patio and drink my morning coffee while I watch the sunrise over the ocean.  I want to live in California so I can hike to the Hollywood sign as my daily exercise.  I want to live in California so I can build a mansion on top of a hill and over look the city.  I want to have a large enough yard for the farm I've always wanted.  I want to ride my horses on the beach.  I want to live in California so I can be in the middle of the know-it-all city buzz and trend starters to make working in the magazine business more interesting.  I want to live in California so I can befriend people I have admired for years.  I want to smell salt water every time I step outside and I want to feel the oceans breeze sweep across my face.  I want to live in California because I want to walk down Sunset Blvd and say hello to familiar faces.  I want to live in California so I can shop on Rodeo Dr. I want to hear the wind rip through Palm trees on a breezy day.  I want to wear sunglasses in the middle of the winter.  I want to live in California because I want to be one of those success stories, small town girl makes it.  I want to live in California because I want to show myself there is more than Manassas Park.  I want to be able to show my family and friends a good time when they visit.  I want to live in California and buy my parents retirement condo for them, beachfront property.  I want to live in California and be able to eat at cool and exciting restaurants that 95% of the world hasn't heard of yet.  I want to be able to wear any type of clothing I want without having to check the weather.  I want to do yoga on a paddleboard in Mission Bay.  I want to live in California so I can drive down the coast.  I want to visit all the famous landmarks and beaches- just because I can.  I want to live in California to feel the sunshine on my face anytime of day.  I want to own my own apartment and move into my house.  In all honesty, I want to go on a date with Taylor Lautner.  I want to live in California so I can pursue my dream of working for Teen Vogue and to hopefully one day own my own magazine corporation.  I want to live in California because the feeling that most people my age get when they step foot on a college campus, the feeling of belonging, is what I felt when my seventeen year old self first landed at LAX.  I belong in California.  I didn’t choose California, California chose me.  And that’s why I want to live in California.

March 17, 2014

The other day I went hiking with some friends to Bull Run Mountain.  I usually don't do out-dorsey stuff like this often, but I have wanted to go hiking for a while, I just never knew where to go.  That's when my co-worker told me about Bull Run Mountain and before I knew it we were on our way up to the top.  The hike wasn't bad at all, but I was definitely sore the next day!  The view from the top though was well worth it.  I sort of felt invincible at the top.  Being able to climb on rocks and going higher and higher isn't something that you get to do often and I definitely wanted to reach the top.  I highly recommend you guys to start hiking, not only is it a good exercise, it's just nice to get some fresh air once in a while.  I will definitely keep doing it and hopefully explore new hiking places.

March 14, 2014

Last Friday I went to the Capitals vs. Canucks hockey game!  I went with my Dad and two of his friends.  As always- I had a blast!  I love how intense and action packed hockey can be.  Plus, I love that I yell louder than half the men there.  I can get so into games sometimes, but that's why I'm definitely my father's daughter.  As much fun as it is to yell at the players and ref, it's even more fun to hangout with my Dad.  It doesn't matter if we are watching a game on the t.v. or watching it live- I know that I will always have a great time kicking it back with him.  It was a fun-packed and quite eventful day.  Thank you Daddy for a wonderful weekend!  I love you!  GO CAPS!


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