WOW!  The day has finally come!  The team has been working hard to put together this amazing event.  The event was to teach the Happy Campers all about photo styling, photo taking, layouts and lighting, etc.  I know for sure over 90 people showed up, but not that I was keeping track but I'm pretty sure we actually hit the triple digits!
If it's one thing that I have learned while working at Bloguettes this summer it's that you can rebrand yourself anytime you want, as many times as you want.  It's okay to play around with different styles, fonts, colors, etc to make what your want your brand to be perfection.  I took the time to sit down and clean out my Pinterest account and give it a whole new look.  It was actually nice to clear out some old post, because lets just say when I first joined Pinterest I was pinning everything!  I can't believe some of the other things I was saving... just .. why?  So now, it's got a mature look to it, including a section for my blog post.

Here at the Bloguettes studio we have been getting super pumped for the Bloguettes Summer Instacamp!  It's such a fun event that the Bloguettes are hosting, an all day event with guest speakers to teach you bout photography and branding yourself and your brand the right way on Instagram.

Something that I have enjoyed quite a lot and which has given me a handful of inspiration for my own blog.  I am constantly researching for the latest tech and media related news, gathering cute and fun links for the Here's to The Weekend post on the Bloguettes blog.  It's been so much fun playing with the links, the graphics, all of it.  I've gotten a real feel for what Bloguettes is all about.   It's such a fun and bright colorful blog to be on, so if you have some down time head over to the Bloguettes blog!  You won't regret it!

I've had the time of life these past few weeks working for Bloguettes.  It's such a creative atmosphere here and I'm apart of it.  Today we headed this awesome hotel called The Saguaro- it's so bright & colorful there.  We took some stock photos, our intern headshot, and got to play with our own photography skills.


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