October 31, 2018

October Favorites

October has flown by, but even though Halloween is over that means Thanksgiving is up next! The fall time is the best time because it's a time to start new, try out new products, watch some new television shows and it's socially acceptable to wear chunky sweaters and stay inside with your dog. These next few months I'm sure I'll have a lot of new favorite items to share with you and here are my favorites from October.

Easy Halloween Treat

This will be my last Halloween post for the year, but I wanted to share a super fun and easy Halloween treat that can be made. Truth be told, you can make this any time of the year, but Halloween gives you the reason to make it a little bit more spooky. This is the treat that I made for our Halloween party and it's always a favorite. Now I'm sharing with you the recipe so you can make it yourself!

October 30, 2018

Favorite Halloween Costumes For Dogs
Dressing up your pet for Halloween can be a ton of fun and I love seeing how creative and extravagant these outfits get each year. Maybe it's because I keep seeing Amazon ads on these hilarious dog costumes and I just had to share some of my favorites. You pup owners out there need to know that these things exist!!

October 29, 2018

How To Throw An Epic Halloween Party

This blog post should come as no surprise to those who follow me on social media. This past weekend my friends and I had probably one of the most fun parties that has ever been thrown together in our group. To be honest, I have to give my two besties, Gabe & Rocio, a lot of props for this one. Planning a party can be a lot of work, especially with how big our friend group is. There's a lot of moving parts, but I think they handled it (almost) perfectly.

October 19, 2018

Fall Clothing Haul With Gabriel Brother's
I can't believe what I'm actually about to write.. but this post is sponsored by Gabe's. That's right ladies and gentlemen I am working with Gabe's to show off some of the best fall pieces in stores right now! After I shared my last visit to the Gabe's that opened up in my hometown they reached out to me to work together. Ya'll know I love me some Gabe's so I had to jump at the chance.

October 18, 2018

Happy Fall Ya'll! I know how basic I sound when I say this, but I love the fall time! Especially in Virginia, it's always so pretty. I have a lot of fun plans coming up and fun blog posts to share with you the next few weeks, but for now I wanted to share another round of Links I Love! There are some really good ones on here this week. Feel free to comment down below any fun links you've found too.


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