20 Unique Things Under $200 at Tiffany & Co.

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20 Unique Things Under $200 at Tiffany & Co.

We all know my favorite designer store is Tiffany & Co. and if you didn't—you do now. I even took a T&CO bag to Home Depot to get color match for paint and painted my childhood room that exact color. I am obsessed to say the least. I saw this girl on TikTok who purchases the least expensive or most unique and affordable item from designer websites and I thought wow, this would actually make a great blog post if I round up a list of things that are under $100 but still designer. I hope to make a series out of this, but for now, let's start with the holy grail, Tiffany & Company šŸ˜šŸ¤✨.

Are we really shocked that I'm starting with pet supplies? It is my ultimate goal in life to have Oliver hooked up with the staple Tiffany Blue Collar and Leash one day, but to keep it $200 and under he'll have to settle for a classic 1. Dog Bowl and a 2. Please Return to Tiffany's Dog Collar Charm.

I never knew how bad I needed this mini crossbody purse until now. This 3. Mini Drawstring Crossbody Pouch in Tiffany Blue Leather is everything I could want and more. To go with it is the 4. Card Case in Tiffany Blue...it's so pretty I could cry.

If you think that I'm going to buy my boyfriend a 5. Tiffany Blue Diamond Point Silk Tie then you are absolutely right. And to be even more obnoxious I would totally get this 6. Sterling Silver Golf Tee for my dad šŸ˜‚.

I have to include the 7. Sterling Silver Pen because my boyfriend got me this for my birthday because of how much I journal and it was the sweetest thought behind this gift, it still makes me smile when I think of it. Plus imagine how put together someone will look when they pull out their T&CO pen to write something down!

I have never wanted a silk scarf in my life until I saw the 8. Tiffany Blue Manhattan Map Scarf. I would probably frame it because it's too beautiful to wear.

There is a whole section called "games and novelty gifts" on the Tiffany & Co. website which includes a Tiffany Blue set of pool balls. They're unfortunately out of the $200 range, but the 9. Sterling Silver Pool Cue is not...so ya know..start small with the pool cue and work your way up. With that being said my family is a huge card game fans so this set of 10. Metallic Playing Cards would be a staple at family gatherings. 

If these 11. Color Block Candles smell like Tiffany & Co. somehow please buy me 1,000000 of them. Again, these 12. Bone China Tiffany Boxes replicate the boxes that things come in, but I am obsessed. And yes, I will be drinking all of my liquids from this 13. Color Block Teacup and Saucer for the rest of my life.

I have actually been wanting this book, the 14. Assouline Windows at Tiffany & Col. Book, Small Memoir Edition, but the big version is very expensive. I didn't know there was a mini version and it's only $30!! I wonder how small it is though...

We all know I love my journal. It is started to get filled up though and I will be needing a new one soon. How AWESOME would it be if my journals came from Tiffany & Co. This set of 3 15. Notebooks in Bookcloth is everything I could want and more. It's the journal of my dreams.

I would almost be too scared to have these in my cabinets but the set of 4 16. Diamond Point Shot Glasses in Tiffany Blue Crystal is jaw dropping. As well is this 17. Tiffany Ampersand Crystal Stemless Champagne Flute, it's perfect for the champagne drinker (me), the Tiffany lover (me) and a person who works in editorial (me).

There is nothing I love more than my morning coffee. Imagine if I had this set up every day, I would feel so classy each morning. 18. Tiffany Blue Colored Paper Cups (not actually paper, but again to replicate it), an 19. American Walnut Sugar Shovel (why a shovel? who cares I'm getting all my sugar with a shovel from now on) and the 20. Manhattan Map Mugs in Tiffany Blue (I would never use another coffee mug again).

Okay, I'm sure there are tons of jewelry pieces that also fall under $200 but to keep it simple we're going to highlight the Return To Tiffany's Collection. This is—of course—my personal favorite and always the most affordable. You can also get a lot of their newish fragrance collection for men and women for under $200 as well.

So you see there's definitely a lot of unique gifts and things to get someone off designer websites. This was a fun post to put together! What high-end designer should I do next? Comment down below!

xoxo, Michele

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