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Hi! I'm Michele. I'm a lifestyle blogger currently located in Orlando, Florida. Originally from the DC area, I started blogging in 2014 as a creative outlet. Through the years this creative outlet has also become an online journal of my life and I've learned a lot—not just about the world of social media and blogging—but also about myself.

My promise to you is to always be honest because the thing is I am that girl who works a full-time 9-5 job, I have student debt, and my name is constantly being spelled incorrectly in emails. I work every day to be a better version of myself and to share my journey in hopes that I can help or inspire you too!

You can find me on social media @michelekatsaris for more real-time updates. Thanks for stopping by, I'm so grateful to have such an amazing community.

xoxo, Michele
xoxo, Michele


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