Why Bodysuits Should Be A Closet Staple

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Why Bodysuits Should Be A Closet Staple

For those who are new let me explain how much I love shopping. I love going thrifting, shopping at affordable stores, and buying designer pieces…it doesn’t matter, I just love putting together unique outfits to look and feel my best. Fashion is a huge part of my life and I’m always willing to try new things and new trends to see what works for me and what doesn’t.

I’m a petite girl, I’m 4’11 with thicker thighs and a larger behind and chest. And as much as I love my body—the average clothes “sizing” does not. I tend to wear “schm-ediums.” You know, somewhere between a small and a medium. And don’t even get me started on finding a good pair of pants. The waist has to be smaller, but the thigh part needs to be bigger, then because I'm short most of the time the length of the pants are too long…it’s a problem. 

When it comes to shirts, it just depends on the type of shirt, but again mediums are too big but smalls are too small. That type of stuff makes me want to scream! It can be so hard sometimes to find a staple piece. Of course, getting pants altered can help, but that can also add up in the long run. So a good way I fix the shirt-to-jeans ratio without needing to wear a belt with every outfit is by wearing a bodysuit.

Bodysuits are the best way to ensure that my shirt stays in place and that in case my pants lower just a tad, it won’t matter because all you’ll see is my shirt! Plus bodysuits are so flattering on any body type! Not convenient when you need to use the restroom and you’re unhooking yourself like a baby with a diaper—but nonetheless—they’re super cute and convenient. Especially if you find your favorite brand then you just buy one in every color!

It will take some time to test out different materials and brands that you feel comfortable in, but once you do—seriously buy one in every color! They go with every outfit and you can easily transition from a day-to-night fit with just a few accessory changes. Happy shopping!

xoxo, Michele

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