Embracing Bookish Bliss: My Dive into Fantasy Reads and Book Club Fun

Embracing Bookish Bliss: My Dive into Fantasy Reads and Book Club Fun

Life has gotten a bit crazy for me. I bought a home last year and am currently transforming it into a magical AirBnB. With that to say, my hobbies and interests have shifted. And lately, I've been finding solace in the pages of a book have become my newfound haven. Rediscovering my love for reading has been a transformative experience, turning a once-embarrassing hobby into a source of pride.

Rekindling my love for reading, once an overlooked hobby, became a source of pride. My journey took an enchanting turn as I immersed myself in the captivating realms of fantasy, a genre that not only fueled my imagination but also connected me to a vibrant community through the magic of BookTok.

On top of all of that, two of my closest friends and I started our own book club 🥹. We pick a new book each month and then discuss it over a group activity. It's honestly been the thing I look forward to most each month. It's less about dissecting intricate plots and more about relishing the sheer pleasure of reading together.

Then there's BookTok. A thriving corner of TikTok dedicated to book lovers. This vibrant community has been a game-changer, providing a platform for book recommendations, reviews, and engaging conversations. It's here that I stumbled upon hidden gems that have easily become favorites of mine.

As I embrace this literary journey, I marvel at the positive shifts books have brought to my life. What started as a personal escape has blossomed into a shared adventure. The stigma surrounding my bookish passion has dissolved, replaced by a sense of pride and belonging.

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 xoxo, Michele

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