October 26, 2015

As I talked about before I left my internship at Bloguettes I got to help with a couple of the blogger interviews.  Although I had the most hands on with The College Prepster Interview, I also had a helping hand in bringing Krista Robertson from Covering the Basis and Ashley and Malone to doing an interview on the Bloguettes.  It's great to see something you helped with  come to life.  These are two blogs that I am obsessed with and glad that they could do a collar with another company that I have a special place in my heart with.  Click the pictures below to see the full interviews with the Bloguettes. 

October 23, 2015

It's been a whirl wind of the past couple weeks.  Visiting schools, working, birthdays and weddings!  It's been non-stop, but now I finally have a down week where I can catch up on the Kardashians and maybe some homework here and there.

October 18, 2015

Back in seventh grade I met a boy with the spikest hair I have ever seen.  We rode the same bus, had the same friends, had the same classes, played for the soccer team, and after school he would ride his bike to my house and we would hangout and gossip about the soccer teams.  Here we are, almost ten years later, celebrating his 23rd birthday together.

October 06, 2015

This is the first that I am dressing up with a boyfriend and I am so excited!  We have been sharing ideas non-stop because we don't want to have cliché costumes, but we also want to have fun with it.  We have been all over the internet trying to get as many ideas as possible.  However, we have FINALLY picked an a cute and original couple costume idea.  I'm not going to give anything away but I will give you guys a hint!  Watch the video below and take your guess on to what old school cartoon characters you think we're dressing up as!

October 04, 2015

It's that time of the year again: FOOTBALL SEASON!  Last year for Christmas, Omar took me to the Redskins and Eagles game.  This time, he came home for the weekend and I found amazing ticket for an amazing price.  Section 106, Row 8!  Right where the Redskins run in and out of for game time.  It has been too long since I've seen a football game and I had a great time.  I mostly had a great time because as you guessed it. . . REDSKINS WON! 


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