Happy Birthday Andres!

Washington, DC, USA
Back in seventh grade I met a boy with the spikest hair I have ever seen.  We rode the same bus, had the same friends, had the same classes, played for the soccer team, and after school he would ride his bike to my house and we would hangout and gossip about the soccer teams.  Here we are, almost ten years later, celebrating his 23rd birthday together.

Seeing Andres' face as we surprised him with his friends and slide man decorations Saturday night made my heart so happy.  He did not see it coming and we celebrated until Andres could no longer stand and we started to see the sun come up!

Then Sunday we all, somehow got out of bed, and went paint balling.  It was a ton of fun and I can't believe how sore we are were after. We ended the day watching the Skins game and eating some good food!



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