Life Lately.

Washington, DC, USA
It's been a whirl wind of the past couple weeks.  Visiting schools, working, birthdays and weddings!  It's been non-stop, but now I finally have a down week where I can catch up on the Kardashians and maybe some homework here and there.

Earlier this month I headed to Marymount University to talk to an advisor.  I've applied to 4 schools to transfer to and so far I've gotten into two of them (ODU & ASU)!  Now I've got two more to wait to hear back from, but in the mean time I'm just trying to figure out how many credits will transfer, what my degree will be in, and where I want to settle down for the next year or so.  I also got to visit my good friend Becca!  She's killing it in college and if I do go to Marymount I can't wait to hangout with her more often!

I have also secretly been obsessed with the Kardashians lately.  Not in a, "these are my role models, please let me be them," sort of way, but more of a "I WANT THEIR HOUSES," type of way.  Hello, have you seen Khloe's pantry?  Or Kylie's house?  Serious envy of their homes and no shame in admitting that.

Omar has been coming home a lot on the weekends too, because we have had some crazy weekends planned out.  Between birthdays and weddings, he's been home so far every weekend.  Of course I'm not complaining.  It just gives him more time to bond with Lumpy.  I mean how can anyone resist that cute face?

I've also been car shopping which has been super difficult.  I'm just super upset because the car accident back in June, wasn't my fault, so I expect to find the perfect car that I want.  My car was awesome and perfect, so I want something just as nice.

In between all of the homework and busy weekends, I also got some gorgeous flowers sent my way :)  and can we pause and appreciate how cute it is that Smokey sleeps with a stuffed hedgehog?  Too adorbs.

Last, but most certainly not least, a very special birthday to my Mommy!  On the 22nd we celebrated her birthday with sweet water food, wine, and her family.  It was the most perfect birthday celebration for the most perfect mother!  Love you mama!


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