April 19, 2016

Back around Christmas time I found this super cute box subscription dedicated just to dogs.  I couldn't get over how cute the idea of it was.  Plus, they stuff that they were sending was so cute and really affordable.  What I really liked was if your dog really enjoys a certain type of treat or toy he got you could go back later and buy it separately.  Also, all the boxes are themed.  They have New York theme, Chinese New Year theme, Hippie theme, England theme.. and so much more.  I first got this subscription as a gift to my mom for Christmas.  I ordered one month (December) and when I wrapped it I wrote To: Mom Love: Smokey.  I know I'm cute right?  Well Smokey loved all the toys and treats so much my mom continued the subscription and now gets a box every month.

April 13, 2016

links i love

This week has been insane!  So much training with the new pup, getting settled with my new car, and trying to finish this semester strong!  I started a segment on here just sharing all these articles that I have saved here and there.  Some of them are useful, some of them are for fun, and some of them are just plain cute (like pictures of hedgehogs).  Let me know if these are the kind of links that you too have saved!

April 11, 2016

the big five-oh
The other weekend I went back home to Virginia for a very special occasion.  My dad turned 50!  For his birthday he wanted to go to Top Golf up in Ashburn and it was a great idea.  All of our friends and family came out to celebrate with him and he loved every minute of it.  My mom had 4 booths set up for all us to play in.  Some of us (like my dad and his buddies) were really good.. while others (me and Rocio) weren't the best.  It didn't matter though because it's all about the company you keep and we had really good company.

April 07, 2016

My mom heard from one of her friends about this website called Chewy.com where you can order in bulk al the pet food and supplies that you could possibly need.  Plus, it's discounted.  It's way cheaper than going to a pet store and buying this stuff.  Especially if your dog is eating more expensive food it can really add up.  So save yourself a trip to the store and just get it delivered.  You can also have it renewed anytime.  When Omar and I decided to get a dog we decided this was the best route to go.  We got a bag of puppy food from Blue Wilderness, a bag of treats from Blue Wilderness, and a 100 pee pads all for under $40 (after taxes and shipping cost too).  The pee pads we're only $12 for 100 of them!  We also saved $9 on the bag of dog food.  If you have a pet (cat or dog) I would definitely suggest you check this website out.

April 06, 2016

blue apron recipe #3
It's time to say YUM again!  I made the third recipe from Blue Apron!  I couldn't help but to drool during this recipe.  I love pizza and I love calzones so to get the chance to make homemade calzones. This meal is called Mushroom & Collard Green Calzones with Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Dipping Sauce.  Per usual, I took out the mushrooms because they freak me out and we added meat substitute for Omar & Gabe.

April 01, 2016

we got a dog
Everyone Meet Oliver!  He is a Siberian Husky and the love of my life.  The minute Omar and I went to go see him we knew instantly that this was going to be our new pup.  He was way more calm than his siblings but he wasn't scared to let us hold him.  He has two different colored eyes (one blue, one brown) and we thought he was the sweetest thing in the world.  The main reason we drove 2 hours to see this pup wasn't just the price (he was pretty cheap for a pure bred) but it wasn't because him and I shared something very special.


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