March 30, 2016

links i love
*Image from Bloguettes Stock Photography

I always tend to find interesting websites or articles that I really enjoy and will save it to my Pinterest or bookmark it to my home screen.  Then I have a billion links but what do I do with them?  Well I decided to finally start reading them and checking them out!  Seriously there must be about a thousand different pages between my cell phone, bookmarks, and Pinterest.  So, this is how I'm going to go about it.  I will share these links with you guys and my opinions and whether or not these are really worth reading.

March 21, 2016

new laptop case
Something I have had on my Christmas List is a marble laptop case.  I have seen these all over the blogger world and I just think not only are they super cute but they're classy.  They sort of have this grown-up look also.  Plus, they're so preeeetttty.  I mean how could you not take tons of stock photos with this bad boy?

March 18, 2016

getting the house ready for a puppy
We're getting a puppy!  Before we pick him up tomorrow we needed to puppy proof the house.  I would like to start this post with this is in no way shape or form me telling you how to train a puppy.  That's not what this is for.  This is just letting you guys know how we are getting our one bedroom apartment ready for a 6 week old husky puppy that we are adopting tomorrow!  Eek!  I literally cannot wait to bring that little fluff ball home.  Seriously, these past two weeks have gone by sooooo slow!  Mine and Omar's dream dog has a been a husky so we recently decided we were going to get a pet and when we went to go see this puppy we both fell in love.  He is a pure bred husky and he has two different colored eyes.  I mean who wouldn't fall in love?  Okay, I'm getting off topic, I am just super excited to have my own husky!

March 16, 2016

gallery wall
Something has been missing from the apartment.  Something that makes this place officially feel like home.  And that this was pictures!  I have tons of picture frames but nothing in them.  Also, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to hang stuff up in my apartment until I talked to the front desk people and got the thumbs up!  So when Omar was in the field last week I put together some amazing prints to make a gallery wall!  I also printed out a lot of personal pictures of family and friends but those are scattered around everywhere.  The gallery wall is some of mine and Omar's favorite quotes and prints that we both enjoy.

March 15, 2016

wilmington outfit
I have been getting a lot of comments about the outfit that I wore to Wilmington few weekends ago.  It's not that I was wearing anything special, just that I must have put some key pieces together to make a killer outfit.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but as all of us, I love getting compliments about my clothes.  Now, here's the pickle... my clothes, as all of ours are, are an accumulation of items over time.  Meaning, even though I remember where my jeans are from there is a very good chance that said store does not sell them anymore.  Fear not I have link similar items below that you can browse through!

March 14, 2016

what to bring on a photo shoot
As many or some or none of you know I got a job at a photography studio down here in Jacksonville. I absolutely love my job but the biggest thing I love about it is that I learn so much.  Not only about social media, marketing, and how a business is ran, but I learn a lot about photography.  With working at a photography studio I have learned a lot about the behind the scenes of photo shoots. Today I'm sharing with you what you should definitely need to bring if you're planning a shoot anytime soon.

March 12, 2016

blue apron recipe
I made my second meal from Blue Apron and I think these meals just keep getting better and better!  This meal is called Fontina & Preserved Lemon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for some grilled cheese.  Fun fact of the day, I make the best grilled cheese known to man.  I must admit that as delicious as this was, sugared lemon just doesn't belong on a grilled cheese.  Now that being said, I still enjoyed the meal and definitely want to make it again, I just would leave the lemon dressing for the salad.  As I said before, Blue Apron sends you all the ingredients and step by step instructions on how to make meals that they send right to your door!  It's super convenient, affordable, and fun.

March 09, 2016

On Sunday morning after we woke and up and ate breakfast I looked at Omar and said, "Let's go on an adventure."  Before you knew it we were on the road and on our way to Wilmington, NC!  We went all along the beach coast creeping on spring breakers and planning when we'll be renting out one of those amazing beach houses that we saw.  We eventually pulled over in Downtown Wilmington and walked around.  We stopped at some really cute stores too!  In this one store called Edge of Urge, Omar found these awesome socks with DeMarco Murray's face and a copy of his signature on them.  Although he really didn't want me to buy them for him because every time I buy him an Eagles thing, that player ends up leaving.  McCoy left the same season I got him his jersey and DeMarch Murray left the day after I bought him those socks.  Sorry baby, but hail to the Redskins!  I also got a set of pencils that said "Goddamn Genius"on them.  The stores had some of the most unique things I've ever seen.  A lot of weird stuff too, but hey that's what you get when you're in a downtown city area.  There was a spice store where we tried so many different kinds!  We also had this huge cone of s'mores ice cream!  You've heard of Blue Mountain State right?  It was filmed right here in Wilmington!  *hint for all the BMS stuff in the windows*  The sun was setting over the water and it looked so gorgeous.  We, and when I say we I meant I, couldn't help but to take some pictures.  There were so many colorful walls and stores, could you blame me?  I absolutely loved being able to just look at Omar and tell him that I wanted to go on an adventure.  He's the perfect person to go on random adventures with and I can't wait until our next one.

March 08, 2016

decorating my bookcase
Omar and Gabe FINALLY built my bookcase a couple weeks ago and it looks so nice in the little office/sunroom nook.  It's white and glass and matches the television stand and coffee table (thanks Ikea!).  For those who know me, know that I am a book hoarder.  This bookcase only looks nice and clean because I only have about 1% of my book with me.  I left the rest back at my parent's house.  I really wanted to keep my bookcase clean and look fancy and well, to be honest... instragrammable.

March 07, 2016

trying out adore me
I know we have all seen the Adore Me commercials that keep popping up.  Well a little while ago I actually decided to give it a try.  Something that I have been obsessed with is bralettes.  They are way more comfortable, go with everything, and at the end of the day it's actually not the first thing I take off.  You can wear them to sleep, to work, to school, wherever.  It's been something that I have been adding as my "staple piece" to my wardrobe.  There's just one problem... they're so expensive!  I've lucked out with a couple I've gotten being under twenty dollars, but for the most part if you want a good quality bralette it seems like you have to spend some serious cash to get them.  Enter, Adore Me!  I gave their website a look and basically fell in love with everything.  But was $25 for a bralette + undie set really worth it?

March 04, 2016

new phone case from sonix
About four months before my cell phone upgrade I've had my phone case that I wanted picked out.  I knew that I was going to upgrade to the Rose Gold iPhone 6, and because of the color I wanted a clear iPhone case to show it off.  I've been following Sonix cases on Instagram for a while now and one of the cases that I've had my eye on is the clear iPhone 6 case that says "Rosé all day" in rose gold.  I mean, do I even need to say how perfect that goes with my new phone?

March 02, 2016

blue apron recipe

The other night I made the first recipe from the Blue Apron delivery!  The meal is called Vegetable Bibimbap & Kimchi.  Yeah... I can't pronounce it either.  Basically it was rice with vegetables turnip and an egg on top!  I have to admit it was bomb!  Something I definitely want to make again.  As I said before, Blue Apron sends you all the ingredients and step by step instructions on how to make meals that they send right to your door!  It's super convenient, affordable, and fun.

March 01, 2016

the oscars
As most of you know and probably watched, Sunday was Oscars night!  I usually don't watch these award shows because I haven't seen any of the movies and it usually takes really long to announce winners when I have Twitter to tell me who wins.  However, with all the chaos revolving around this award show and because I saw a super cute Instagram post from Glitter Guide AND because my best friend was coming over to hangout with Omar and I for the night, I decided to print out some Oscar ballots, order pizza, and make a night of it!


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