What To Bring On A Photo Shoot

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what to bring on a photo shoot
As many or some or none of you know I got a job at a photography studio down here in Jacksonville. I absolutely love my job but the biggest thing I love about it is that I learn so much.  Not only about social media, marketing, and how a business is ran, but I learn a lot about photography.  With working at a photography studio I have learned a lot about the behind the scenes of photo shoots. Today I'm sharing with you what you should definitely need to bring if you're planning a shoot anytime soon.

Even if it's just something you've planned with your friends (which I have done a handful of times with my girls) you want to make sure these pictures come out looking as awesome as you are.  First things first, you need a camera.  Sure, you can use your iPhone, but let's be real- the more expensive the camera lens the better the pictures come out.  I use a Nikon D5200 Digital SLR Camera with a 18-55mm VR Lens.  No, I am not a professional.  I don't even know what most the buttons on my camera do, but I learned more and more every time I take pictures.  Even if you're a beginner you can still take great quality pictures and really find your style the more you play around with it.

The next thing is a memory card and a back up memory card.  Depending on how big your memory card is, you might need an extra one.  You're most likely not going to sit there and go through all the pictures and delete the ones you don't want based off the tiny camera screen.  Save that time for when you're looking at them on your computer.  (Especially if it's cold outside- just wait until you're home to pick out the best ones!)

A light reflector.  These bad boys can redirect any light that you are using to capture pictures.  I am one of those believers that natural lighting is best, so even if you're only working with some light, this reflector will aim it your way.

Back up battery!  I feel like this one doesn't need much explanation but electronics die and like super quickly too.  Just bring an extra battery with you.  Bring your battery charger if possible!

If you're a bit more of a pro then you know to bring your extra lens and flashes and what not and you know you need to carry all of that in a camera bag.  I mean you don't really want to lug all that around in your purse right?

The last thing I recommend bringing (if it's a nice day and you have somewhere to sit down) is your laptop.  You can have your iTunes playing while pictures are being taken.  You can have Pinterest up to get inspiration on poses and looks you're trying to accomplish.  Also, if there's an outfit change, the photographer can upload the pics from the first session to the computer and go through them and make suggestions and what looks good and what doesn't.  Like I said though, if it's cold outside you don't want to be doing all that, but if it's nice and you have a table or something it can be a really fun way to be creative outdoors for once.
what to bring on a photo shoot
what to bring on a photo shoot
I've learned a lot and I'm still learning every day when it comes to photography/graphic design/ blogging and all that.  Did I miss anything?  What would you bring on a photo shoot that I didn't list above?  Let me know below!

xoxo, Michele

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